Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chapter 37

So a P-day [aka "day off"] in Ririe is like this: 1) we wake up and go exercise by either going to a gym in a members basement or go play racquet ball in our bishop's racquet ball court XD.  2) go home and get ready and do our studies till 10.  3) either go shopping with our district in Idaho Falls or if we don't have anything we need to buy, which is usually, we go to the members house with the gym in it and work out some more/play ping pong or do something random XD.  4) we go do emails where ever we decide to go.  5) go to zone activity where it is being held that p-day and we usually play volleyball/gatorball/racquet ball/ultimate frizbee/basket ball/whatevs XD.  And ya that's pretty much how a normal p-day goes for us in Ririe.  XD.  Speaking of Ririe, it's pretty much becoming one of my favorite areas XD.  The members here are all soooooo nice and awesome XD and even though the work is going slowly right now, there is soooo much potential in this area and the members are very helpful in aiding in the progress of our work XD.  And my companion, Elder Boyack the super asian XD, is pretty freakin legit.  He is also becoming one of my favorite companions XD.  We definately are laughing atleast a thousand times a day hahaha XD.  So to answer your other questions, we teach on a good week for us we teach about 3-4 lessons a week, we have right now about 2 investigators, and we get meals ever day XD XD XD XD.

Brady is going on a mission to Brazil?!?!?!?! That's legit! XD You must tell him this next week in church that i said hi and to enjoy every minute of his mission because it goes by waaaaay to fast hahahaha.  Oh and congratulate him on shaving to hahaha XD.

This week we had a pretty legit lesson w/ one of our investigators.  We are teaching this family that is less-active right now and they have a 9 year old son that wants to get baptized.  So for these lessons, which has only been 2 now, the family kind of disperses and does their own thing while we teach the son and the 8 year old daughter because she also is wanting to get baptized.  But when we were about to start this last lesson w/ them the older brother came in and told us that he would say the prayer.  Then after that the older sister also came in and sat in on the lesson and helped out with the lesson.  It was a really cool/spritual experience to have and to top it off when we asked the 9 year old son to say the closing prayer he was kind of getting stage fright and not wanting to do it, but the older brother told him that he would help him out so he agreed to it and gave an amazing prayer.  We are super excited for this family and are hoping to soon have the entire family participating in the lessons because not only will they be able to draw closer to our savior and heavenly father together but they will also draw closer as a family XD.

Other than that lesson though, nothing else really happened this week so i shall end this email here XD.  Peace out till next week! XD.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Chapter 36

Dannnnggg dude.  David's taking 20 credits? He is crazy hahaha.  I remember taking i think it was 18 credits at byu and i remember how much work i had to do, so i can almost relate to what david's going through.

So this week was definately a slower one for us but it was still a good one.  We found a new family to teach and we are teaching their kids.  They are such a wonderful family and the kids are super hyper so the lessons are definately fun hahaha. XD. Also, another cool thing that happened with that family is their dad wanted us to give his oldest daughter a blessing and so we did and it was a really spiritual experience for both them and us. Another thing that has been happening in my missionary life is i am actually working out in the morning :O hahahahaha.  One of the members here has a pretty nice gym in their basement and they let us use it in the morning for our exercise period XD.  My goal is to run atleast 2 miles each morning and then do some weight lifting so i can get in shape and get a littler buffer XD hahahaha.  I also have been practicing my dancing alot lately to music that we can listen to and it definately is a huge change in music i am dancing to but whatevs XD. However, other than that though not much happened this week unfortunately so i am going to end this email here.  Peace out till next week and i will for sure make sure to do something epic this next week so i can spice up my next email. XD

With love,
Elder Arrowchis

Chapter 35

As you well know yesterday was my birthday and i guess word got around with some of the people in the ward we were eating in that it was, and when we show up they had a cake sitting out on the counter and told us how they had it left over from a wedding they held yesterday but now it's birthday cake.  So i got to have birthday cake and they sang me the happy birthday song which i wasn't expecting to happen at all on my mission hahahaha.  It was definitely a cool birthday XD.
So on a more spiritual note, this week was actually really good for me and my companion.  During the beginning of the week we got a text message from saying that someone had requested the missionaries in our area using   So we went and contacted them and she turned out to be such a wonderful person and is super interested in investigating the gospel.  She has been going to church with her friend for a little while now and when we invited her to follow the example of jesus christ and be baptized she enthusiastically said she would XD.  So this week we not only found a new person to teach but she is pretty much golden XD.
So the last thing that happened this last week is we had zone conference! XD.  I got to see my last companion there, elder wilkins, and we learned so many good things from our mission president XD.
That's all that pretty much happened this last week so i'm going to end this email here.  Peace out till next week and you are the best mom ever XD.
With love,
Elder Arrowchis XD