Monday, April 30, 2012

Chapter 17

The Spanish is going great.  I can bear my testimony/pray/share a scripture now in spanish with people.  I mean the testimony is pretty simple, like primary stuff, but whatevs hahaha.  So for the spanish materials, i would say you should wait on sending them till david gets home because he already plans on sending me some spanish materials so you can just ask him if those will be helpful also.  David also just told me this week that i should start reading the BoM every day so i will also start doing that.  That's awesome that you found my old scriptures!!!! hahaha

Thanks for reminding me about dylan's birthday, i had planned on getting him a present but it didn't really click with me that it's already almost May and that his birthday happened hahaha. Time seriously flies by on your mission.  I mean i can't believe that i have already almost been in my new area for 2 weeks!  So ya i already heard from Ayla this last week in a letter she wrote me about the Catalina trip.  I thought it was so funny that they got marooned on catalina for another day.

So to clarify for the branding, we don't actually get to brand them because we aren't allowed to, we just wrestle them to the ground, if they are doing it the roping way, or we push them into the shute, if they are using a shute. But wrestling them down is the most fun part hahaha. However we didn't end up branding this week, but i will tell you later on in this email what we did instead XD.

What i know so far about calling home on mothers day is we will be going to a members house to do it and i will definately be using skype to call you.  And i will make sure that i set up a video camera too so we can video call XD. I don't know what time yet we will be calling home on mothers day yet though but i will let you know next p-day when we have set up everything with the family.

This last week we got to help someone shear sheep!!!!! Just like branding cows, we didn't actually get to do the shearing because we aren't allowed to, and i heard you have to go to school to become a shearer, but we got to heard them into the shearing place and catch the baby sheep and hold them while someone feed them (which was alot of fun).  It was definately a fun experience, besides the fact that we all came away with a little bit of sheep poop on us and smelling like sheep haha.

So some other good news that happened this last week is that my name wasn't butchered during sacrament meeting on the stand for the first time on my mission! hahaha. Some other good news is that I gave a talk this last sunday and I gave a talk longer than 5 min :O hahaha. I gave a 15 min talk on missionary work and it went really well, and of course me being me i prepared that talk the morning of hahaha.

Well there isn't anything else to report on this week so i will end this chapter here.
Peace out till next week! XD

con amor,
Elder Arrowchis

Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 16

Ahora estoy hablando espanol!!!!!! woot! (don't know how to say woot in spanish hahaha) However, the rest of this email will be in english hahaha. So about Uncle Bob asking them if those elders knew me, those elders are actually my zone leaders and when i got to the transfer site and met them for the first time they were like, "Hey someone up in Sugar City keeps asking us every week if we know an Elder Arrowchis, i guess that's you" hahahaha.  So they told uncle bob this last week that they now know me XD.  Also, i am happy to say that i am writing this email from Rexburg in the family history center here!!!!! Elder Arrowchis gets to go to a city on p-days woot! hahahaha. Ya every p-day we come to rexburg for our zone activities and to do our shopping and emailing, so i am very happy about that XD. Also, i found out when i got here that i don't just cover Mudlake/Terreton but i also cover Roberts, which is also where our apartment is and is kind of a mini-town. Unfortunately i don't have the address for you yet but i will try and remember to write it down this coming week.
So I got to my new area, Roberts/Terreton/Mudlake, on Wed. and actually had to go on an exchange right away, so i didn't even get to work in my area on my first day hahaha.  But my new companion is AWESOME!!!! His name is Elder Negron. He is from Puerto Rico, has been out 17 months, and is awesome! He is really funny and we are getting along really well.  We taught quite a few lessons this last week, and some where in spanish XD.  However, for the spanish ones all i really did was talk for the greeting part of it (like saying hello, how are you, nice to meet you, etc.) and then sat there quietly while my companion taught because at first i didn't understand anything they were saying hahaha.  But I am starting to do a little more now and understanding more of what they say XD.  Yesterday i got really excited though because when we went into a lesson and they started speaking spanish, i could actually hear every word they were saying instead of it sounding like one big slur of words and i would hear a word i understood every 10-15 words that i knew hahahaha.  Now i just need to know what those words are that i am hearing XD.  Learning spanish is really exciting and i am going to have a blast in my new area with my new companion.

I love hearing everything that is going on back home and am glad that everything is going great with everyone!  This coming week we are going to be helping with branding so i will have more cow wrestling stories to tell, and hopefully pictures of me actually doing it with good form hahaha.

Well, Peace out till next week!!!

With love,
Elder Arrowchis, The one that likes to use XD alot. XD

Chapter 15

Something major happened this last name was picked to be in the Missionary Hunger Games.  A.K.A, i am being transfered haha.  But man God definately has a sense of humor and likes to show it in my life because he decided to change the language on the Movie he is watching of my life to Spanish! Yup, if you put 2 and 2 together you came to the conclusion that i am being transfered to speak spanish!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOT!!!!! Time to brush up on my 3 years of High School Spanish hahaha. But ya, it is a sad/happy transfer because i am sad that i am leaving Salmon and all the people here, but i am super excited that i am going to be speaking spanish now! XD. Now i can actually skype Eduardo and understand him hahaha. So I am being transfered to the Mudlake/Terreton area in our mission to speak/learn spanish XD. But it is a Bilingual area so i will also be speaking English there at the same time, so i won't be completely helpless the first few weeks hahaha. But ya, IM GOING SPANISH!!!! If you couldn't tell i am super excited to be going spanish hahaha. Something else happened this last week that was really awesome.  One of the people we are teaching came to church yesterday, his second time coming and it happened to be fast and testimony meeting, and towards the end of the hour he tapped me on the shoulder and asked if i would go up with him so he could bare his testimony! It was such an amazing experience to see because he bore such an amazing testimony about faith and it made me sad to know that i am going to be leaving in a few days and won't be teaching him anymore :(.  Well, other than those 2 major events nothing else really happened this last week so i will end this chapter of my life here. Peace out till next week!

Chapter 14

So this last week was AWWWWEEESSSSOOOOMMMMEEEEEEELY AMMAAZZZINNNGGGG!!!!!!!!! K so i guess ill just go in order of the events. On monday WE GOT PERMISSION TO LEAVE THE MISSION!!!!!!! hahahaha. One of the people we are teaching, who i have mentioned many times now, Jim, his dad is the executive director of the Nez Perce Foundation and so he really wanted to take us up to the Big Hole Visitor Center (which is in Montana XD) and teach us about their history, so he called up President Colton and explained the situation and how it is only a few miles outside our mission boundaries and President Colton agreed to letting us go to it XD XD XD. It was AWESOME!!!!! It was really cool to go and see the visitor center and learn all about their past and the trials they had to go through.  Plus it was awesome leaving the mission boundaries with permission hahahaha.

So every monday night we have been teaching Brother Cannon and his family for family home evening and they always feed us dinner as well.  Well guess what we had for dinner last monday? We had Ram Burgers!!!!! And they were sooooo goooood.  I think Elk burgers beat Ram Burgers by a little bit, but they are definately both better than regular burgers hahaha. Tonight he plans on feeding us something called Viking Pile Up, which i have been trying to ask around to find out what it is and the only 2 hints i have gotten is that there is chili in it and that i shouldn't eat it, Buuuutt me being the superly redunculously awesome person i am, I plan on eatting it anyway hahahaha. I will let you know next week what it is and if i am going to make you try it when i get off my mission :P hahaha.

Guess what i did? I WRESTLED A COW!!!! A family up here named the Cockrells were branding this last week and invited us to come and told us how one of our awesome investigators, Thomas, was going to be there helping them out so we decided it would be a good opportunity and decided to help out.  So when we got there, they had already rounded up all the calves and put them in the fenced in area designated for branding and had already begun branding, so we just jumped right on in.  They then showed us what to do, which was to wait for them to lasso a calves back feet and then when they had done that we would run up to the calf and wrestle/pick it up and throw it on the ground on it's side and hold it down so they could brand them.  It was soooo much fun!!!!!! hahahaha. So eat that david, even though you got to see penguins on your mission i got to wrestle a cow! :P hahaha. I love serving up here in Salmon and hope i get to stay here alot longer XD (hopes he doesn't jinx it hahaha). And the last item of awesomeness i have to address is our sacrament meeting this last sunday.....We got 5 of the people we are teaching to it!!!! The work is progressing really well here XD. Well that's all i can think of that happened this last week so i will end it here. Peace out till next week!!! XD

With Love,
Elder Arrowchis, The One That Wrestled a Cow XD

Monday, April 2, 2012

Chapter 13

GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME!!!! hahahahhaha. I agree with you that Pres. Monson gave a really good talk this time and i really liked his boat analogy, however i am almost going to have to agree with you that one of my favorite talks was Pres. Uchtdorf! His message on not holding grudges was really good and i liked his answer to when you are holding a grudge/judging someone, "Stop it!". hahaha. Also, your math is correct that transfers is in 2 weeks, which means i am now of age, missionary age XD, to have my name put in the Hunger Games Drawing, A.K.A being transfered hahaha.

This last week was awesome!!!!!! So we had our interviews with our mission president this last week and he told me that i am the best missionary he has ever seen on this planet! Welllll, maybe he didn't but he was definately thinking it ;) haha. Well, after the interview my companion, Elder Harelson, had to go to a leadership conference, they wanted the trainers to go to it also this time, with our district leader and so guess what happened to me!? I got to go up to challis and work with our district leaders companion there for about 4 days and it was awesome!!!! We taught alot of lessons and had a great time. One of those lessons we taught was to a man named Jeremy. He is soooo ready for the gospel it's awesome! We taught him about the word of wisdom and he told us right away that he would follow it and knows it to be true. Also, on my perilous adventure in Challis I had the chance to go up to Stanley for the 2nd time now! XD. The drive up there is super beautiful and the people there are awesome. Then on friday night i headed back to salmon with Elder Harelson and we watched conference saturday and sunday and now it's P-day! hahaha. Well, unfortunately that's all for this week but i will make adventureous things happen this up coming week so i can have alot to write about. Who knows, i might even wrestle a cow just so i can have an interesting story to tell hahahaha XD. Well Peace out till next week and keep "Doing what you love, love what you are doing." XD