Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chapter 21

Transfers are on wed. and we got the transfer calls on saturday and they are good and bad :(.  They are awesome because like you hoped i get to stay in my area! And my new companion is going to be the new district leader of my district, since my current one got transfered, so that will be a fun experience.  So now the bad news though.... They are making my area into an english speaking area, which means i am back to speaking english as a missionary again.....But im actually fine with it for a few reasons. One, i asked president colton if i can still do my 1 hour of language study every day to keep learning spanish, and he said that it was fine.  Also, when i go on exchanges (which will happen to me atleast once a week since im the district leaders companion and he has to go on an exchance with all the elders in his district atleast once a transfer) all the other missionaries in my district are in spanish areas so i will get to still learn it/teach in spanish on exchanges.  So it wasn't a complete waste for david to send me those spanish materials.  Also, president colton said that this was just for now so Im hoping that once we get more spanish missionaries that they will open this area back up as a spanish area and i will be spanish again XD (my guess is in 2 to 3 transfers that could happen). 

But i have been reflecting on me coming to this area and i really have warm feeling that i wasn't supposed to be coming to this area to be a spanish missionary, but to serve in this area and to meet some certain families.  There are 2 families that we are teaching that i have drawn really close to and i have this unexpressible love for them and want the best for them.  So i am extremely happy that i get to stay here for another transfer and continue to teach them and help them progress to baptism! XD

Well i don't have time much time to email this week so i will end it here. All the elders in my district want to go golfing because 4 out of 6 of my district are getting transfered hahaha, so they want to do a last p-day activity with each other so i told them i would keep my emailing short this week. So unfortunately i won't be able to email david this week, but tell him i will write him next week because i will have my normal aloted time XD. Peace out till next time!

Con amor,

Elder Arrowchis

P.S. Can you tell my bum friends to freaking email me already :P. Thank you XD.

Also, please find out for me this week whether Ashley is at BYU still for another semester or at home so i can know what address to send my letter to! thank you! XD

Monday, May 21, 2012

Chapter 20

Man that's so exciting that david is home! He looks a little different now in the pictures you sent me. That or maybe i just haven't seen him in a long time hahaha.  And it feels wierd/cool to be the ONLY Elder Arrowchis in the world now XD.  Im so used to telling people that my brother is in Argentina on a mission when they ask if i have siblings and what they are doing.  I might mess up for the next few weeks when people ask, but i will adjust.

I got your package today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S AWESOME!!!! I will thank david more in my email to him but thank him anyway for the soccer jersey and that AWESOME Penguins of Madagascara shirt XD.  And that would be so like david to make you guys wait 25 min just so he can shave and what not hahaha.  That's so awesome that David got to see everyone and go to travbum's wedding! Tell Travbum i say congrats on the wedding/temple sealing!

So this week was a good week.  The first thing that happened was we had a spanish ward activity for the spanish branch here on saturday! And guess what i learned?!?!?! Spanish activity = SOCCER!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha! It was so much fun to play soccer again, and thanks to david i will look legit in my Argentinian soccer jersey at the next spanish activity XD.  And also because david sent me all those spanish materials, which i was super excited for, i will be able to better understand what they are saying and communicate back by the next one.  Seriously though, tell david i am super grateful for those spanish materials because i have been borrowing my district leaders materials but the grammar practice books all have the answers written in them so i couldn't really do them, and David being AWESOME he didn't write in them XD.  So now i will actually be able to do more than just read the BOM in my one hour of language study every day! XD hahahaha.

Another note to talk about is transfers is in a week and something huge is happening to our area! They are going to take out one of the 2 companionships in the Terreton Stake and give the other companionship the entire stake.  For example, if i stay i will cover not only Terreton and Roberts, but i will also cover Hamer/Dubios/Monteview.  And you also have to factor in that my companion has been here for 6 transfers and one of the elders in the other companionship has been here for 5 transfers so alot of crazy possibilities are available! hahaha.

Today for P-day we wen't to the zoo in Idaho Falls!!! It was waaaayyyy smaller than the San Diego Zoo but it was still alot of fun XD.

Well, I am going to end this chapter of my life here so i have time to send you pictures so peace out till next week and keep having a wonderful time.

Con amor,
Elder Arrowchis

Chapter 19

It was really awesome getting to skype home on mothers day. And i agree, skype is one of the greatest inventions ever XD. But it really was nice to see you guys and to get to talk to you.  Hey, i have a question for you. Is Ashley back home for the summer or did she stay at BYU? I need to know so i can know where to send her letter. If she is at BYU i will send it to her address. If she is home i will just have you email it to her.
Well since i just talked to you yesterday and told you everything, there isn't really anything to report on so i will just end this email here. XD

Love you all and hope you continue having a great time at home.

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

P.S. Also, please let Aiden know that he is awesome and tell all the youngmen that i say Hi. Oh, and you MUST call brother Titel an old man for me the next time you see him XD. Love you and Peace out!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chapter 18

So about calling home, I will be calling home around 3:30 and as of right now i will be using skype.  So i will talk to you guys at 3:30 and my dad around 4:15ish so be ready for me XD.  I am super excited to be calling home, i have one requirement however....Mika must be there XD.

This last week was pretty eventful.  To start off we had our stake conference this last sunday.  It was wierd because instead of the stake president and other people speaking we had our stake conference broad casted to us by salt lake city.  Have we ever had that back home? If so i don't remember it hahaha.  So, the next item of awesomeness that happened this last week is i gave my first baptismal invitation, and it was in spanish!!!!! He said he would like to but he wants to get support from his wife before he does. But it was so awesome!!!!  I even bore my testimony to him in spanish which was also awesome and went very well.  I still can't keep up intense conversations with people but my spanish learning is progressing along very well XD.

And  lastly, something funny to report on that happened this last week is we had 4 dinners on sunday hahahaha.  People kept coming up to us on sunday and telling us that we should go to their house for lunch/dinner after stake conference.  I felt so sick at the end of it all and i am really sick of eatting desert, because every dinner appointment we have they always feed us desert hahaha.  They are making it hard for me to achieve my goal of not gaining any weight on my mission :( hahaha. But i so far have stuck to that goal and haven't gained any weight XD. Oh, that reminds me i do have one more thing to tell you.  Me and  my companion are going to be starting P90X as our workout in the mornings! XD.  So be prepared to see me super ripped in about 90 days, that is if we don't decide to give it up after a week hahaha. Well, that's all that really happened this week. I love hearing what's going on back home in the ward and with you guys so please continue to keep me updated on everything! XD

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis