Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chapter 46

NO WAY!!!! Alex is going to the Ukraine?!?!?  That's pretty insane dude.  Tell him i said congrats on getting his mission call and to remember that all of our calls are inspired by the lord and that he will definately learn pretty quickly after getting there that he was meant to be in that mission.  I definately have learned myself that the Pocatello Idaho mission is where i am supposed to be and i wouldn't want to be in any other mission XD.  That's also pretty insane that parker will be getting his mission call probably in this upcoming week!  Hmmmm.  My guess is going to be the Pocatello Idaho Mission.  XD.

So as of right now yes transfers are going to be the day after christmas, but there are rumors that they will be moving transfers a week earlier so the missionaries going home at that time can be home for christmas.  But that's just a rumor so don't quote me on that XD.  And man do i hope i get to spend Christmas in Ririe.  I love it in Ririe sooooo much and i want to stay there atleast 2 more transfers XD.  The work is going great for us right now, in fact we have 3 baptisms that are going to be happening in a few weeks which we are excited about XD.  We also were able to find yet another person this week to start teaching, and it was in swan valley! She is now our first person we are teaching there! woot! XD.  And even more great news is that we just started working with this less-active family this week who want to come back to church and want the lessons for their son!  The lord is seriously blessing us in Ririe and it's been soooooo legit to see this area pretty much go from having 1 person to having over 10 different families we are teaching! XD.  (If you couldn't tell by all the exclamation points i am very excited just talking about the awesomeness of this area XD!!!)  hahahaha.

Oh, and i need to tell you about my new companion.  HE IS SUPAH LEGITTT!!!!!  His name is Elder Quintanilla (Pronounced Kinta-Knee-Yuh).  He is from Peru and get this, he likes anime (woot!), music (All the same types of music i like) (woot!!), likes soccer (woot!!!), and likes video games (WOOT!!!!)!!!!! hahahaha.  So as you might have already guessed, we pretty much hit it off the first day and are getting along really well hahaha XD.  He is also a great teacher and i am super excited to be his companion XD.

Well, that's pretty much All i have to report on this week.  Keep me updated on the mission papers that are being submitted and the calls that are being received! XD.  Peace out till next week! XD

You missionary son,
Elder ---->chis

Monday, November 12, 2012

Chapter 45

I just realized how many times I have written you on my mission....45, Holy cow that's alot hahahaha XD.  Seriously, the mission is going by sooooooo fast.  For example, i can't believe i have already been with Elder Boyack for 2 transfers already.  However, I am sad to report that after wednesday me and Elder Boyack will no longer be together....... Elder Boyack unfortunately is getting transfered to Arimo on Wednesday.  But good news is that i get to stay in Ririe!!!! wooooot! I seriously love this area and i really really don't want to leave hahaha XD.  So my new companion is going to be an Elder named Elder Kitania (not sure if that's how you spell it but that's how it sounds).  All that i was told is that he is from Peru, has been out 4 and a half months, and he is learning english right now and i will be continuing to help him learn english! woot! Which means i get to practice my spanish again hahaha XD. 

Oh, so another item of report is that i am going to become Senior Companion! woot! i get to be the designated driver now!!! Oh, and that means i take lead now in planning and what not.  Oh, and did i mention that i get to be the designated driver now!!!!!!! hahaha XD.  But i definitely am looking forward to being senior comp to a more greenie companion and helping him out.  I just hope i don't mess up hahaha XD. 

So this week was a pretty legit one for me and Elder Boyack.  We were able to find yet another person to teach this week! (I have loved being able to say that every week XD)  Seriously though, the work here is booming so hardcore it's awesome!  And the story behind this new person we found this week is so legit too! So the bishop of one of the wards called us up at the beginning of the week and told us there is this lady that wants to start meeting with the missionaries and told us where she lives.  So we go and contact her and when she opened the door we got into a conversation of how she would like to turn her life around and knows that she needs to get baptized and has been trying to get a hold of missionaries for the past month but wasn't sure how to get a hold of us.  She was such a nice lady and i am super excited to begin teaching her about the gospel and to show her the many many many blessing that come from it XD.

Well, that's all that happened this week so i am going to end this email here and go get some lunch XD.  One of the members in Ririe is taking me and my companion out to lunch today to a mongolian barbeque place XD!!! super excited XD.  Well, peace out! XD
With love,
Elder --->chis

Chapter 44

My next transfers are actually in a week :(.  Me and Elder Boyack are scared that he might be getting transferred, which is what we don't want to happen because we are bossing up this area and want to stay each other's companions XD.  So that's cool that Elder Snow is now serving there.  And i actually know where the Iona stake is because the Elders that serve there are in my district XD.  So Elder Snow should know exactly where Ririe is XD.  So about the ballot.  I was able to get it in XD XD XD XD XD.  I was so excited to send it in hahaha.  But i am super sad that i don't get to go around wearing one of those awesome stickers saying that i voted ;( hahahhaa.

So this week was definitely a lot slower for us :(.  A lot of our appointments had to cancel this week because, it being the week after Halloween, they were all busy and weren't able to meet with us this week :(.  So lesson wise there weren't that many this week.  But that doesn't mean it wasn't an awesome week! XD.  One of our investigator families , this little girl named Teva who is about 10, came to church this week for the 3rd time now in a row XD and is super excited to come back each week now.  We also were able to find yet another 2 people to start teaching XD.  Seriously, the work in Ririe has been BOOMING this last transfer and it's an amazing sight to see all these people popup out of nowhere wanting to be taught.  And the best part about alot of the people we have found this transfer haven't even been from our efforts.  Most have been from the wards working with people and then contacting us telling us that they want to start meeting with the missionaries.  The wards here are super into missionary work and it's so awesome to see because when the members get involved in the work is when it progresses the most XD.

Well, that's all that happened this week so i guess i'll end this email here.  Peace out till next week! XD

With love,
Elder --->chis

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chapter 43

Woot! can't wait for tomorrow now to get that package with my goodies and ballot XD.  So speaking of Fall Weather for Halloween, it totally snowed on us last week 2 days in a row hahaha XD.  I have some awesome pictures of me doing awesome stuff involving the snow XD.  I will send those to you after i finish this email XD.  That's good to hear that david is doing fine in the Hurricane.  When i first heard about that hurricane and that it would hit New York my first thought was David.  But then i rethought about it and realized he would be fine because i mean it's David we are talking about, the kid who survived a snow storm in New York by buying the thinnest sweatshirt he could find.  I think he can survive a hurricane hahaha XD

You are very right, i am very excited about the work that is going on in Ririe! XD.  This week we have also found 3 more people to teach! XD.  I seriously love Ririe XD.  The work is going great, the members are super super awesome, and everyone is just awesome XD.  hahahaha.  Another cool thing that has happened is our sunday's have gotten even busier now hahaha XD.  We have appointments pretty much every hour from 2-8! It's awesome! hahahaha.  I seriously love serving with Elder Boyack.  I really get along with him and plus, we are both California Elders so we are bound to be the most legit companion known to man, especially since it's combining both the North and the South side of Cali hahahaha XD.  OH, and lastly another cool thing we did this week is we went and carved pumpkins with one of the families we are working with up here XD.  My pumpkin looks like a boss! hahaha.  Ill send you the pictures of it XD.

Well....... I pretty much have massive ADD right now and can't concentrate on emailing so if i missed anything i will add it in my email next week.  Peace out! XD

Chapter 42

Before i tell you about how awesome this week was, and man was it awesome, i have some information to let you know about XD.  Next week our p-day isn't going to be on monday, it's going to be on wed because every year for halloween we have to be locked in a stake center from 6-9, so they know where all the missionaries are in case someone random dressed up as a missionary goes out and does something stupid, so they jsut decided to combine our p-day w/ that day so on halloween we now get an all day p-day XD woot!!!!!!! XD XD.  So ya, don't be sad when you don't receive an email from me on monday because it will be coming on wed XD.

So onto this week!!!! This week was pretty phenomenal for us in Ririe XD.  First thing i have to tell you is one of our investigators came to church finally this week!!!! woot!!!!! And the best part is they loved church and said they can't wait to come next week too XD!!!!  Also, on sunday we had such an amazing day in the sense of missionary work! XD.  So lately we have been trying really hard to get to the point where our days are filled with teaching people and it happened on sunday XD.  We had 4 appointments that night, all back to back, and each filled up the hour.  So we had a teaching appointment at 4, a dinner appointment at 5, another teaching appointment at 6, and then lastly yet another teaching appointment at 7!  We had such a spiritual day on sunday and all of our appointments went really well, one of them even accepted our invitation to be baptized XD XD XD.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! hahaha XD.  We also were able to pick up yet another new person to teach this week!!!  It's seriously been a joy in my life being able to see the work in this area start from pretty much nothing when i first got to this area to see it now starting to boom for us XD.  We are now teaching about 9 people here in Ririe and they are all such wonderful people that have an interest in strengthening their relationship w/ their heavenly father and christ XD

I am loving serving in Ririe soooooo much XD.  I honestly can't wait till next week when i get to tell you again of the new successes and the experiences i will have had by then XD.  The Lord is definately in our every day work and it's freakin awesome seeing it first  hand how much the Lord helps us missionaries in his work XD

Well, peace out till next week XD.

With Love,
Elder ---->chis