Monday, July 23, 2012

Chapter 29

That's so cool that David made it back into WestPoint!!!!! I am super excited for him XD.  But dang, that's such a quick turn around for him.  But i guess that's david for you hahahaha.  It even happened like that for his mission hahaha.  Man that's super cool that Andrew is going into the MTC on Wed.  You should definately give me his mailing address for the MTC so i can write him a letter XD.

Whow! Braden's 15!?!?!?!?!  One more year and he can get his license..... I think ill stay off the road when i get back hahahahaha ;).  So you should definately tell david to hit him 15 times for me XD.  Also, tell david that i most definately use more than just eggs and cheese :P.  The last omelette i made was a bacon/sausage/cheese omelette and it was really really really really good.  And the sausage wasn't even the kind that is packaged in a box premade almost, it was legit frozen meat that is frozen in a giant clump and you have to dethaw it so :P hahaha. XD.

So this week was pretty freakin sweet!  So first off my companion had to go to a leadership training down in poci, since he is a district leader, so i got put with another elder in rexburg, who is in my zone, whose companion was also a district leader and i got to work in his area for a day.  So in other words, Elder Arrowchis got to work in a city for the first time on his mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, A city in terms of Idaho hahahaha. XD  Also, while on the exchange something super cool happened.......I GOT TO TEACH A CHINESE PERSON WHO DIDN"T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!!!! hahahaha it was such a cool experience.  So at the teaching appointment we had to have a translator that would translate what we said to him and vice versa.  What else was cool was that he was really receptive to what we taught him and he already had a baptismal date for the next day, and he ended up getting baptized! I wish i could of gone to the baptism because i heard they did the whole thing in chinese, but i was still super happy for him that he was entering into the path towards our heavenly father XD.

The other thing that happened is me and this other elder in my district, Elder Jensen, just bought this game called Cookie Fu and we each bought our own deck so we are super excited to play against each other because it looks really awesome hahahaha XD.

But other than that not much else happened this week to report on since it was a slow week for us in our area.  So i am going to end this chapter of my life here.  Peace out till next week and love hearing about what's going on with you guys back home XD.

With love,
Elder Arrowchis

Chapter 28

The first story i have for you just proves how much the Lord's hand is in this work XD.  We were working in Hamer one day and we were going to call our appointment we had for that night to see if we were still on for tonight.  Right when we hit the call button on our phone, our phone decided it wanted to run out of battery :(.  So we frantically searched the church building for a yellowpages book so we could look up there name.  We ended up finding a yellowpages book, but there names weren't in it.  So we decided to call up the member that was going to come with us to the teaching appointment and asked her if she by chance had the families number.  She unfortunately gave us the grave news that they didn't have the phone number, so we told her that we were just going to show up to the appointment anyways and for her to just plan on meeting us there like the appointment was still on.  So we go to the appointment and end up having a really really really good lesson about baptism.  At the end of the lesson they told us how grateful they were that we came over that day and how they had actually been planning on calling us earlier in the day and canceling our appointment, but as hard as they tried to find the paper we gave them with our number on it they just couldn't find that paper.  So as you can see, this appointment of ours was meant to happen and the Lord was influencing both sides so it would happen XD. 

The next adventure we had is we took one of the families we are teaching, the Phillips, to the temple visitor center this week to watch the restoration video, and man was that an adventure XD.  After the movie we had a really good lesson with them and helped them clear up some of their concerns about faith, and then we went to Reed's Dairy and got some icecream XD.  However, what made it an adventure was on the way back home XD.  So we were about half way to roberts, from Idaho Falls, and the car all the sudden started sputtering at us and slowing down.  We were out of gas :(.  So brother Phillips starts weaving back and forth to swish the gasoline around in the gas tank and try to use up as much as he can and tells us we probably won't make it to roberts.  So me, being the missionary i am, i say a prayer asking heavenly father to let us make it to the gas station in roberts (about 8-10 miles away).  I got an answer instantly that we were going to make it and everything was going to be all right XD.  So i told brother phillips to not worry and that we are going to make it, which we did XD.  So we pretty much had an unplanned object lesson about faith to tie into our lesson about faith that we had earlier that day with them XD, so it was pretty much awesome.  Oh, and that car ride was also the most fun car ride i have been on so far in my mission hahahahaha. XD. Me and my companion were both moving our bodies with the motion of the car so we made it also a fun experience hahahaha XD.

So i have to throw this random fact out there.  I pretty much am becoming a boss omelette maker XD hahahaha.  About 2 to 3 days out of the week i am now making omelettes for breakfast to improve my terrible cooking skills haahaha.  So when i am home in the future, be prepared to eat one of the most delicious omelettes you have ever tasted hahaha XD.

Well, that's all that happened this week so i shall end this wonderfully AWESOME email here XD.  Love you all and peace out till next week XD.

With love,
Elder Arrowchis

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chapter 27

So not a whole lot happened this week unfortunately, but i will still tell you what did happen XD.  First off, 4th of July was awesome and definately made Jordan's "Best Day Ever" List XD.  It was pretty awesome to see Uncle Bob XD. I was afraid that i wouldn't recognize him if i saw him, but when i saw him walking up the in the aisle of booths in the fair grounds i was like, "dude, that's my Uncle Bob!" hahahaha.  Then we went out as a zone to dinner in Idaho Falls and guess where we went?  WE WENT TO CHILIS! XD.  I had been craving Chilis for quite awhile now so when our zone leader asked us for suggestions on where to go for dinner i quickly suggested Chilis, which of course ended up happening XD.  So if you thought i was happy and excited when i told you i went to Panda Express, times that by 10 and that's how excited i was to go to Chilis hahahaha.  After that we went to the park and found a spot to watch the fireworks and man was the Idaho Falls firework show good.  However, the Disney Land fireworks show is still the best in my opinion XD.
We got to meet our new mission president this week, President Brinkerhoff, on thursday and we all had an interview with him for a few min so he could get to know us individually.  He is a really nice perrson and gave a really good training about how we won't receive specific blessings from our prayers if we don't pray for specific things.  It was really simple but really good XD.  He is definately going to make a really good mission president.

So the last thing that happened, and unfortunately the worst thing that happened this week, is my companion got sick and was in bed sick all saturday and sunday. :( . And let me tell you, being stuck inside all day when you are a missionary because your companion is sick really sucks :(.  Pretty much my only options were to eat, sleep, read scriptures, watch some movies that we get that we can share with people we are teaching, or exercise.  So during those 2 days i ended up watching the movie The Testiments in 5 different languages (English, Japanese (which by far was the best language to watch it in XD), Russian, Korean, and Chinese), reading my scriptures, and practiced my dancing quite alot. But ya, i definately don't want to go through having my companion (or me) getting sick because it really just isn't fun hahaha.

Well that's all that happened this week so I'm going to end this email here.  Peace out till next week XD.

With Love,
Elder Arrowchis

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chapter 26

So you want to know what we get to do for the 4th of July? Do you reeeallyyy realllyy want to know? Well.......... WE GET AN ALL DAY P-DAY!!!!! WOOT! hahahahahaha. Ya i actually will probably be in Menan for the 4th of july and might be watching the fireworks show there.  I will also be able to write all my friends responses to their emails on that day since i will have alot of time! XD. However i probably won't send you those responses till next monday.  But they will atleast be happy at my turn around time XD.  And what else is cool is we get an extended curfew and we will be able to stay out till 11! XD.

Well, onto what happened to me this week!  We went and taught this family that we have been teaching for a little while, named the Phillips (who are pretty much awesome), and we are going to be going to the Visitor Center with them on saturday to see the Joseph Smith the Restoration Video with them! I am super excited to do that with them because the Temple is such a wonderful place and i know they will feel the spirit testify to them there XD.

Honestly, being a missionary has changed me alot. Now, Whenever i hear about someone being baptized or someone starting to take the discussions i get SUPER excited. I have grown to love this gospel and truely appreciate how it has blessed me in my life, and it has made my desire to share this wonderful blessing with others soooo much XD. So tell Carbo hi for me when he comes over next. Man i am super jelly of you guys. I wish i could of been there to see Jackson be ordained a deacon. He is growing up soooo fast.

So a funny thing happened to me this week.  I was walking into the gas station with my companion and i saw something bright red appear on the TV screen in the restaurant next to the gas station.  When i took a closer look i realised that it said in bright white letters with a red background, "EMAIL STEVE".  Im sure there was more to that ad, but i couldn't stop laughing because my first thought was, "Hey! I need to go email Steve Stebbins!" hahahahahahaha.  However, other than those 2 stories not much has happened this week.  We are still trying to get better acquainted with the new areas we recieved (Dubios, Monteview, and Hamer) and trying to find some people to teach in those areas, so it's been a hard but fun week XD.

Well im going to end this chapter of my AWESOMELY SPECTACULARIFICAL mission here XD.

Keep being awesome and having fun XD.

With Love,
Elder Arrowchis XD