Monday, February 27, 2012

Chapter 8

This week was also an AMAZING WEEK!!!!!! Yes, I have noticed that everyone talks about the weather way more than we do because like you said, in SoCal all we every wonder is how warm will it be and how long will it be cloudy for in the morning hahaha.  And hey the weather is starting to have more variety here, it snows about every 3 days and melts in the same day it snows hahaha.

So 2 sunday's ago me and Elder Harelson went up to Leador for church, our other ward we cover, and i was a little taken by suprise to find out that we weren't doing sacrament first but we were going to Priesthood session first. Then when priesthood session was over i was thinking, "k time for sacrament!" Nope! Next ended up being sunday school, and then 3rd hour was sacrament.  So they pretty much took the normal church schedule and flipped it around.  But apparently they do that because it's calving season right now and alot of people can't make it to church at 11 so they wait to have sacrament last to give them time. 

K next reason why this week was awesome!!!!!!  We found a new investigator, his name is Jerry, and he is pretty much a golden investigator!!!!! He came to our Special Stake Meeting yesterday, which i will talk about next, and then came to the baptism afterwards and he was very impressed with our church and the baptism and also expressed a desire to come to church next week so we are excited for him XD.  Ya by the way being a missionary is super fun XD XD XD! K, on to our Special Stake Meeting.  So this last sunday we had what was called a Special Stake Meeting, where one of the Quorum of the 70 (Jay E. Jenson) came and talked to us about the importance of family time, such as having family home evening.  Some other things he said were that 1) Be weary of the contrary winds in our lives 2) Meal time discussions will have a greater impact on righteous actions in your kids lives than weekly family home evening 3) Use Hymns to do more than just start/end a meeting, like use them to introduce your talk and what not, because Nothing invites the spirit faster than a Hymn. And Lastly, my favorite thing he said was, "When you feel joy in  your heart, make sure to notify your face!" When he said that i couldn't stop laughing inside for like 5 min because it made me think of the times where people, mainly my friends, would say something like "Man that's so ______" and i would respond with, " Your face is _____".  hahahaha yaaaaa, Goooood times XD. Anyways back to the story.  So that was a very good meeting and we got 5 of our investigators there so it was a great experience for them also to hear one of the 70's speak.

Well i am almost out of time to write at the moment, we need to go shop and do our p-day stuff, but i will come back after that and send pictures and be FULLY AWESOME!!!!!!!! XD.  Well peace out for now and i will end this chapter of my life here. Love you and continue to update me on all the awesome! stuff that is happening back home (which as you know is everything in my opinion hahahaha XD).

With love,
Elder Arrowchis

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chapter 7

Just to annoy you and put you in suspense for the latter part of my email, THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME!!! anyways, That's so freakin cool that V got his Eagle certificate, let him know that i am VERY VERY proud of him for pushing through and getting it XD.  Also give a shout out to the young men that i miss them all and hope they are all having a wonderful life, which of course is full of preparing to go on a mission ;) hahaha. That's so sad that Elder DeYoung is leaving, him and Elder Davis both had a huge impact on the lives of many people there and i was lucky enough to witness it first hand XD.  Yes people talk about how easy of a winter we are getting here all the time, like every visit we do haha, but hey it snowed like an inch or less the other day :O but it melted after a day or 2 mostly hahaha.  K well i am short on time this week for emailing so i will go right into story time.
So you may be asking yourself, why was this week so AWESOME for Jordan? well let me tell you! First off we had Zone Conference, where many zones come together for a conference, this week which was AWESOME!!!! We went up to rexburg for 2 days and the first night we spend the night at our Zone leaders house, Elder Martin (who get's things done) and Elder Roberts, and the Challis missionaries did too, Elder Anderson and Elder Tamayo, and we split into 2 groups and went tracting for the night because earlier that day we had just had a zone council about the importance of finding.  So we split into 2 groups and decided to have a competition on who could find the most Potential Investigators (PI's) in about an hour and a half, and whoever lost had to buy the other team frosties at Wendy's.  So we split off and took off tracting and guess who won?  Of course, My group! (which consisted of me, my companion Elder Harelson, and Elder Roberts) But guess how many PI's we found? We found 10 freakin PI's in and hour and 20 min and set a new record hahahaha!  They found 3 so in all we found 13 PI's in one night, which is really really really good! it's just tobad that they were in our zone leaders' area and not ours haha.  But things are going great in our area.  We are currently teaching quite a few people and they are all really nice people and things are going pretty good with them.  We also have been doing alot of service this last week, from raking leaves to moving firewood to making a fence to moving someone to a new house, so we are getting to know people that way and they are welcoming us in, which is good XD.  Honestly, being a missionary is a BLAST! 
K i have been thinking for the last like 10 min what other story i was going to tell you and i finally remember hahaha! K, so i was in Subway the other day, one of the investigators we went and did service for (the one we went and helped build a fence for, which by the way his name is Jim and his wife's name is Angela) decided they wanted to feed us subway for helping them out, and while we were in there they played my favorite song! If you guessed Mary had a Little Lamb you are dead wrong, because it was PARTY ROCK ANTHEM!!! hahahaha that instantly turned that day into one of Jordan's Best Day's Ever! hahahaha!! Well i have to go now, we went bowling today as a district so i am short on emailing time, so i will write more next week and include pictures next week.  Peace out and can't wait to see what else is happening in the little town of Aliso Viejo, well big i guess compared to here, next week XD.
With love,
Elder Arrowchis, your Youngest!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Chapter 6

I ran into Uncle Bob's friend that lives up here in Salmon, Brother Whittier (spelling could be incorrect).  We were walking to an investigators house in town and he drove up and asked, "So which one of you knows Uncle Bob?" I told him that Uncle Bob is my uncle and we talked to him for a few minutes.  Unfortunately he is isn't in our ward though, i am pretty sure he is in the River Ward.  That's so cool that Elder DeYoung recommended that idea to his dad.  I completely agree with that idea because being a ward missionary and going out with the missionaries has definately helped me being a missionary, especially having 2 stud missionaries such as Elder DeYoung and Elder Davis as examples. XD.  Also, I even knew this would happen once I got on my  mission, but I wish I had gone out with them more than I had, even though I went quite alot, because I could of learned even  more than I did. 

The visits and lessons are going good here.  We have gotten alot of new investigators already and it is going well with them.  We also have been visiting alot of less actives and trying  to get to know them and establish a relationship with them and inviting them to church/church activities.  K, story time XD. 

This week was the ward's valentines day party and DANG was the food good!!!!!  We had prime rib, jumbo deep fried shrimp, potatoes, surbert icecream, rolls, and salad.  The coolest part was that they let us take home the left overs XD.  The people up here are sooooo nice XD.  We also met some non-members there and set up some appointments to meet them and talk with them.  Also, our Zone Leaders came down this last week to go on exchange with us to make sure everything is going alright with us.  There names are Elder Martin, "Who gets things done" (you have to say that when you say his name hahaha), and Elder Roberts.  They are both super kewl Elders and are helpful and nice. 

K next story.  So we went to go visit a less-active member this week and while we were talking guess what subject came up?  The color code book! hahahahhaha! So we were able to connect really well through that and they became more open to us so it was super cool.  I even was able to figure out both of their colors with only meeting them for the first time hhahahaha.  Oh and by the way, you can probably guess what color my companion is.  If you guessed red than you are dead on hahahaha.  K well I need to go for this week so I will end this chapter of  my life here and send some pictures.

With love,
Elder Arrowchis

Monday, February 6, 2012

Chapter 5

Saturday was my ONE MONTH MARK!!!! just thought i would let you know hahaha.  K so about mailing me.  You can mail it to my address here and it would probably get here faster, but everyone has told me to just have people put the mission home address because once i get transfered and get a new address that way i don't have to tell everyone what my new address is.  But if you still want to send them directly to me, my address is 1711 main street, Salmon Idaho.  But I do like your idea of sending treats for valentines day XD.  And that's cool that Uncle Bob knows someone here in Salmon Idaho. 

Speaking of connections, do you remember a missionary named Sister Sessions in our ward? Well i just dinner with her family last night hahahaha.  Her family lives up here and is in my ward so that was pretty cool to have dinner with them.  By the way, can you tell that bum Dylan to write me back geez just because i'm on my mission doesn't mean he can get away from me annoying him XD.  And tell those other bums, joseph, steve, mike, and kyle to write me a letter too and that they can't get away from my annoyingness either :P. k well onto what's been happening to me this week.  So i have started my first tradition already.  I decided that every P-day i am going to treat myself to subway, which i did last p-day.  So that gift card that dylan gave me is getting it's use XD. 

So I went on my first exchange on friday, and it was sooooo much fun to do because it gave me a new experience of teaching.  But that's not the best part.  I went on exchange with the Challis Missionaries, so Elder Tamayo and i switched places for 24 hours, and i went with Elder Anderson and Elder Nogues, an Elder Missionary that lives in Challis as a part time missionary. We went up to Stanley for the day, which is super cold and has tons of snow so i dressed really warm XD.  But we had a great time there and got alot of investigators for them, so it was a really successful trip.  The drive up there is also really beautiful so it was a good experience to have.  I have some pictures that i will send of my trip there. 

K next story.  I had my first District Meeting this week and it was super fun because i got to meet my whole district, all 8 of us hahahaha.  But it was good because we got some practice in and learned some helpful lessons.  MAN being on a mission is just so AWESOME!!!!! I am loving it!! It is totally worth giving up everything for 2 years to do!!!  Oh so we went to go see Daniel, the man that owns the Taxidermy who is a member, and while we were talking to him and getting to know him in walks one of the members on the bishopric and he is carrying the skull of a wolf that he shot and came in to clean it. All i could think of the entire time was how cool it is that he has a wolf skull hahahaha.  I also found something up here that is super awesome but  you will have to wait for the picture email to see what it is.  I am suprised that i found her up here.  Well other than the fact that i love teaching the gospel to people and that being a missionary is AWESOME!!!!!!, there isn't much else to report of this week so i shall end this chapter of my life here.  See ya later and i will send pictures in a bit.  Peace out! XD

mit Liebe (with love in German),
Elder Arrowchis, The Super Excited One