Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chapter 25

So things are going great on my mission.  We just found 2 people the other day to start teaching, and one of them looks really promising, so we are super excited XD.  It's also really fun covering a ginormous area XD.  I am teaching quite a few people about the gospel and having a blast while i do it!  Coming on my mission has been one of the best choices i have ever made XD.

This last week, we were driving around in Dubios, trying to get a feel for a layout since we now cover it, and we ran into this sign next to this gate that said, "Enter at your own risk" and so we looked past the gate wondering why a sign would say that and we saw that the path led into this pit and at the bottom of this pit was a cave! We went down to the mouth of the cave and looked inside, and inside the cave we saw a little ways inside a brick wall and a steel door.  So later that day when we were visiting someone we asked them what it was and they told us it was a nuclear bomb shelter that was built back in the cold war! So that was cool to see.

My companion had some people he was teaching in his old area, which was down in poci [Pocatello], who had asked him to baptize them so this last saturday we went down to poci so he could baptize them.  While on the way, however, we decided to get some lunch and guess where we stopped and ate???? PANDA EXPRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT! hahahahaha i was sooooo happy to eat that panda express because it had been pretty much 6 months since i had had it and i was missing it alot hahahaha.  Now i just need to go to chilies, can't really go to maki yaki or in n out since they don't really have them here, and then i will have gone to all my favorite places to eat on my mission XD. 

Last week was one of the "Best Days Ever!" because the stake president came down the stairs holding a bag of elk jerky and asked if we wanted some elk jerky and my companion was like, "I have never had it before so sure" and i was like "OH MY GOSH YESSSS!!!!!! I LOVE ELK JERKY!!!" hahahaha. It was really good and made me think about all the times i eat elk jerky at my dad's house hahahaha.  But while on my mission so far i have had elk, buffalo, deer, lamb, and the only one that was really new to me was ram, which was actually really good hahahaha. 

Well, besides those stories and the fact that my mission is going awesomely great, i am out of things to write about so i will end this chapter here.

Peace out till next week!

With Love,
Elder Arrowchis

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chapter 24

That sounds like a pretty awesome stake conference! Our last Stake Conference we just had here was piped in from SLC, It was still pretty good though, but yours definitely sounds a little more awesome hahaha.  So i have already heard a little bit about that trip to go and TP Joe Wilson's house.  The young men all wrote me this last week and in a few of the letters they told me all about their adventures to go and TP a few people’s houses, one being Joe's.  However they didn't tell me that they got caught hahahahaha.  

Well, as you know this last sunday was Father's Day and i have a funny story to tell about it.  You know how i some how ALWAYS ended up with the treat that the mothers/fathers were getting in church on Mothers/Fathers Day? Well that kinda happened again in my ward here hahahaha.  Sacrament had ended and my companion and I were starting to head off to Gospel Principles class and we were intercepted by one of the Mom's who was helping to hand out the treats, which were cinnamon rolls, and hands us both one and used the excuse that we were Fathers in training. hahahahaha.  We both definately enjoyed those cinnamon rolls and accept our new titles of Fathers in training happily hahaha.

So things are still hectic here now that we cover the entire stake.  We are finally getting used to our new schedule we made of which ward we are going to be in on which day and things are getting better.  Today for p-day we are having a Barbeque with the other elders that live in Roberts and having a Board Game Party so i am definitely looking forward to it! XD

So it's fun/wierd being a district leader's companion.  Pretty much atleast once a week im doing an exchange with the other elders in our district so im with a new companion for a day every week. Like i said, it's fun but wierd.

Con amor,
Elder Arrowchis

P.S. Tell my lamo friends to hurry up and write me, the last time i told you to tell them only steve wrote me hahahaha.

Chapter 23

It is pretty cool living with the stake president, mostly because our stake president is a pretty chill person.  He isn't overbearing and wants to help out anyway he can.  It also makes it easier to find out about people in any of the wards because he has lived there his entire life XD.  So what happened this week? hmmmmmmm.....honesly, not a whole lot has happened this week.  We are still just trying to get a hang for the area and finally got our schedule figured out and we are confident that the work here is going to progress really well.  We can already see the potential this area has and we are super excited to get to work XD. 

So i guess something cool that is happening today is we scheduled an appointment for this place called dragon slayer games (it's a card/board game place that is only tues-sat and will open on mondays if you set up an appointment) and we are going to buy some boardgames, mostly settlers of catan and some expansions for it, because since we now cover twice the area and they only gave us 250 more miles than we had before, we have come to the conclusion that we won't be down to Rexburg for a few weeks at least during this transfer for p-day

But other than that nothing really has happened in the last week, so i am going to end my email here XD. I will try and do something exciting this week so i can spice up my next email XD.

Con amor,
Elder Arrowchis XD

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chapter 22

So i am a little jelly of you guys that you get to play raquet ball hahaha.  Tennis is one of the things i miss the most. However, about 3 p-days ago i got smart and went to walmart and bought like a 15 dollar raquet and played tennis with my district leader from last transfer.  It was the happiest p-day i have had on my mission so far XD hahahaha.   That's so awesome that Sue told them to "hurry up and freaking write me" hahahahaha. And it worked because Steve wrote me this week XD. Also, that game you guys played, signs, i have played that before and it is sooooo much fun.  We played it up at BYU for one of our family home evening activities and we had a blast doing it XD.   Well i guess I will tell you about my companion now.  His name is Elder Wilkins, he is from Arizona, he has 2 brothers and 3 sisters, he is super awesome, and we are going to boss up the Terreton Stake and get baptisms like no other XD. hahahaha.  He is actually the companion i have been hoping for, one that loves to have fun and joke around but who also is a hard worker and loves doing missionary work, and my guess is that i will be with him for atleast 2 to 3 transfers so i am super happy right now XD.  So the new spanish elders that they brought up to cover the menan stake, terreton stake, and part of rigby kind of stole our apartment and kicked us out, and for a few days i was super mad because i liked that place. HOWEVER, a few days after finding out they are stealing our apartment they told us we are going to be moving in with our Stake President into his basement.  They told us we will be moving in with him on Tuesday, we have been staying with the spanish elders in their apartment in the mean time, so we decided to go and talk with the Stake President and find out what the house rules are. So we go there and we find out that his house is HUGE!!!!!!!!!! The basement, which we will be staying in, has about 5 bedrooms down there and even a treadmill, which i am super happy about the treadmill because they said we could use it, and we get to use their beds which are WAYYY more comfortable than the missionary beds they give us so I am super excited hahahahaha XD.  So if you were worried about poor awesome Elder Arrowchis it's ok you don't have to worry anymore, i will be taken well care of hahahaha XD.    Well that's all that really happened this week so i will end this awesome!!!! chapter of my life here so peace out till next week!   Con amor, Elder Arrowchis   P.S. Tell david that one of the spanish Elders that came up here (him and his companion are both white washing the area, the spanish work atleast, by the way) his name is Elder Mayor and he is from Argentina! So he was super excited to see that Boca Junior jersey in my closet hahahahaha and he laughed really hard at the Ushuaia shirt. And if you want to know how to pronounce his name ask david, because it isn't pronounced like a mayor of a town.