Monday, December 9, 2013

Chapter 100 - December 2, 2013

ya, it definitely is a wierd feeling to think that this is my last email.  It really feels unreal to think that ill be home next monday.  I have enjoyed my mission so much.  I love it here in Idaho :).  I am going to miss being a missionary.  I'm also going to really miss everyone here.  Especially the Jose's/Johnsons.  Man, i really don't want to be writting this email cause it's making me sad hahaha.  Sooooo ill just end it here.  See you in 7 days and can't wait to see you all again :)

Chapter 99 - November 26, 2013

ya i realized they are getting kinda short [emails] hahaha.  But i guess that's because i figure ill just see you in 2 weeks so my laziness is kicking in and i figure i can just cover the main points and go more in detail when i see you guys hahaha.  But to answer your question, yes it's extremely wierd to think that i only have 2 more weeks left of my mission.  I keep looking back and thinking where in the world did all that time go.  It seriously feels like i have only been out maybe a year or so.  Suuuuper wierd,  But at the same time i am excited :).  And i hope Mika isn't still hurt when i get home.  

So i'm not sure what my plans are at the moment for thanksgiving.  We are still trying to figure all that out.  That would be cool to stop on in and see uncle bob and all them though.

So i guess there really wasn't much that happened this week.  I kinda got sick and so for like a 3rd of the week i was stuck inside dieing hahaha.  But while i was sick Spencer (Johnson), and Loren (brother Jose) came and took turns "Babysitting" me so my companions could go out and work.  They are so awesome :).  So ya, not really much to say cause when i wasn't sick not much happened hahaha.

Well, peace out till next week :)

Elder ---chis--->

Chapter 98 - November 18, 2013

so this week was a little better.  We were able to find 2 more people that want to be baptized! :).  So that now puts us up to 6 people that we are currently working with that want to get baptized.  We unfortunately had to drop one of the people we were working with this week though.  She would never be there for our appointments and wouldn't come to church and eventually stopped texting us back all together :(.  But the lord always provides more people to teach.  Seriously, it's awesome to see how much his hand is in this work.  Well that's all that happened this week so peace out till next week. :)

Elder ---chis--->

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chapter 97 - November 11, 2013

So this week was more of an eventful week than last week.  The first thing that happened is we were able to set 3 baptismal dates this week! :).  The first one was with this 9 year old boy.  His parents are super less-active and are wanting to get him baptized and start coming back to church.  The 2nd one is with the wife of a husband who is already member.  She even came to church on sunday! :).  And the last one is with a daughter of a part member family who are inactive.  The older daughter got baptized a few years past and is super strong in the church and is going to help her sister find out her answer :).  Things are definitely looking good in our area right now and we are having tons of success.  We even had a baptism this last Saturday for this 17 year old kid named Trace.  His baptism was so awesome and there were even about 106 people that showed up for it :).  He started investigating the church because of his girlfriend, but one Sunday someone gave a talk during sacrament meeting that just really stuck out to him and he felt the power of the spirit testify unto him the truth of everything.  So he started taking the missionary lessons and long story short is now baptized :).  It's amazing what the power of the Holy Ghost can do.  We seriously wouldn't be able to do any of the stuff that we do as missionaries without him.  He is what converts everyone that we teach :).

Well, that's all that happened this week.  Peace out till next week and will send pictures

Elder ---chis--->

Monday, November 4, 2013

Chapter 96 - November 4, 2013

ya my camera is operable.  The lense has had a scratch on it for like a year now and so the lady was gonna take it in to see if they could fix it.  Unfortunately they couldn't :\.  Then someone else told me that it would probably cost more to replace the lense than to just buy a new camera, so oh well hahaha.  But i haven't taken any pictures :\. Ill Take some pictures this week though.  So that's legit that McKenzie is going to peru.  Seriously, that's funny how they are either sending the missionaries from our stake to peru or to this mission hahaha.  This mission is the better one though :).  Ya, i definitely wasn't expecting to run into uncle bob that day hahaha.  We were riding bikes, we were out of miles :(, and all the sudden uncle bob pulls up next to us hahaha.  And ya, he loaded me up with a lot of candy, which i brought to our movie night on  halloween night and shared with everyone :).  Speaking of movie night ya, i forgot to mention last week that for halloween we watch movies from 6-9 :).  This time we watched Monster University and Wreck it Ralph.  Both were soooooooo good :).  I honestly thought that Monster University was just as good as Monster Inc.  That was my last movie watching during the mission though.  Was a bit wierd to think about hahaha.  What's wierder to think about is how i only have 35 more days.....freakin nuts! 

So things are going alright for us at the moment.  We are going to be having a baptism this saturday for a 17 year old kid named Trace.  He is super solid and what's funny is whenever someone finds out that he is getting baptized that goes to school with him they just stare at us in shock hahaha.  We also have another baptism that will be happening the following saturday :).  So stay tuned for some awesome pictures.  Another news is we went to the baptism of Spencer Johnson's (family back in Ririe) daughter named Aubrey :).  It was super cool to be able to see them all again.  (them being the joses and both spencer and Scott's families).  Another thing that happened this week is we had Interviews with our mission president and i swear the mission president is trying to make me trunky hahaha.  So i went into my interview with him and he pretty much just told me that we are going to be having my departing interview in only like 5 weeks so we will just keep this one short hahaha.  And the last thing that happened this week is we are having to move out of where we are living.  The member's daughter and granddaughter are moving into the basement today so we have to go and stay with the district leader till we can find another place for us to stay.  Yaaaa, it's gonna be fun hahaha.

Well, that's all that happened this week.  Peace out till next week :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chapter 95 - October 28, 2013

Sup :).  So things are going pretty well right now for us.  This week we were able to get in with this lady who the missionaries had been trying to get in with for awhile and she even accepted a baptismal date :).  We couldn't tell how excited she was for baptism but she really wanted us to come back and teach her again so hopefully things work out :).  We also went to the temple visitor center yesterday with a few of our investigators, the missionaries were putting on a fireside there, and it was a really good experience for them.  For the fireside the missionaries had a bishop speak all about his conversion story and how the gospel has blessed him in his own life.  The spirit was soooo strong there and hopefully it helped impact our investigators.  We had to split right after the fireside ended, the investigator we rode with had to leave to go to work, so we weren't able to talk to our other one that was there but hopefully she liked it :).  We currently have 6 people that we are teaching and they are all progressing pretty well.  Hoping to find even more to teach this week :).  Well, that's all that really happened this week so i guess ill end it here.  peace out till next week

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chapter 94 - October 22, 2013

We don't have any snow yet.  It has been a lot colder though lately (thank goodness hahaha).  I really couldn't stand the hot weather this summer (high 90s).  it honestly was even too hot for me in the high 70s hahaha.  Hot weather and missionary clothes don't go well together, especially when your clothes are all wool haha.  So to answer your questions, yes i have a car in this area :).  We drive a Toyota Corolla.  Not as cool as the Ford Fusions that are also in the mission but hey they are better than the Imprezas.  Hated driving the Impreza in Ririe because none of them came with aux ports hahaha.  They did handle very well in the snow though.  Yes, we are living with members.  The story with them is kinda cool.  Apparently before the missionaries moved in with them they were less-active and when the missionaries moved in with them they started coming back to church and are now active :).  So ya, you can tell Matt that great space between houses on the map of Rigby looks even more appealing in person hahaha :).  I seriously love it soooo much being back here in the country.  What's even funnier is it just so happens that i live literately like 5 miles down the road from the Jose's hahaha.  Not gonna lie, it's super hard to not go and visit them all the time hahaha.

Sooo yaaa, i wooould send you pictures today but i kinda don't have my camera :\.  I scratched the lens on my awhile back (not sure how i did it, just turned it on one day and all the sudden there was a scratch :\) and so this lady in our area told us she would take my companion's camera and mine in to get them looked at (his is broken too) cause she does photography for a living.  Soooo you probably won't get pictures till next week.

Things are going pretty well right now in our area.  We were able to find another person to start teaching this week and he even accepted the invitation to be baptized :).  And then yesterday we were able to teach this one lady for the first time and she also accept a baptismal invitation.  Unfortunately it doesn't count for us cause she actually lives in ammon (was up visiting her boyfriend) but oh well, those missionaries will be happy to find out that they are getting a free investigator hahaha.  Other than that though not much else happened this week.  I was sick for most of the week so it was a little slow :\.

Well, peace out till next week.

Elder ---chis--->