Monday, January 30, 2012

Chapter 4

Yes, Elder Arrowchis is now in the field and he is in a place called Salmon, which is pretty much almost as far north as you can go in my mission. I live on the edge of Salmon, towards the side that the city of Limhi is on, which by the way the wards i am serving in are Limhi and Leadore, which all consist of farmland. It takes us about 45 min to an hour to drive to Leador, so there is alot of country here which is totally new to me but totally awesome. I love looking at the mountains and how beautiful they look. I love it here and the people. Everyone in the church is extremely nice and very active in the church, and those who aren't part of the church or are less active are also nice.

I live in an apartment and we don't live with members. I am very warm because they have had an abnormal winter this winter where there has been very little snow and has been alot warmer than what it normally is in the winter, which i am very pleased about XD.My companion's name is Elder Heralson and he is super cool.  He is a convert, loves to hiphop dance (which i am very happy about), loves the work, and knows his stuff.  So in other words he is pretty much the perfect trainer, especially since he likes to dance XD hahaha.  He is from Sacramento California so he gets just as cold as me, which means that i don't have to worry about the house being super cold XD.  So ya going back to it being a bizzare winter here, the Lord knew that me and Elder Heralson, us being cali missionaries, would not like it being like it normally is in the winter so he warmed it up for us XD.

So now it's story time.  K so my first day here, to welcome me to the mission, the other missionaries took me and my companion to visit one of their investigators, who apparently really wanted to meet the new missionaries coming, and he works at a hunting shop/taxadermy (i think that's spelled right), which is where they skin the animals that people bring in that the shot.  So ya, my first day here i got to watch someone skin a mountain lion and it was super awesome to watch.  K next story.  So Apparently it's calfing season and one of the services that missionaries perform is to help birth the calves, so in the next few weeks you might hear from me telling you about how i helped birth calves, which will be an AWESOME story to the Great Adventures of Elder Arrowchis.  This area is going to be a great area, i can already feel it XD.  K so last story.  We went over to our ward mission leader's home, for the limhi ward, last night for dinner, oh by the way the food up here is super good XD, and i was talking to his son, who is a senior in highschool, about what he likes to do for fun and guess what one of the things he likes to do is? Play videogames, but not just any videogame. LEAGUE OF LEGENDS!!! hahahaha i was so excited to hear that he played it and to find someone like me up here XD.

[Answers to questions] Our mailing address is the mission office, just send it there with my name on it and they will forward it on down to where ever i am serving at the time, that way we don't have to keep updating our addresses. Yes, they obviously have internet here or you wouldn't be reading this email from me :P XD. Yes we have food here, we go to a market place called Saveway to get our groceries. Yes we have a microwave. I know how to iron a white shirt, mostly, but we don't have an ironing board so i have not ironed yet. K, to answer the last question, YES I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!!!!! The people here are all nice and it's a cool new experience to be living in a more rural area.

Well, i will end this awesome chapter of my life here and will continue it next week.  I will send pictures in a separate email so look for those too.  Peace out till next week. XD

With Love,
Elder Arrowchis, The Colder One (at least i think)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chapter 3

This experience at the mtc has been a blast.  We had some really good devotionals, Russel M. Nelson even came and spoke to us which was cool.  At the last fireside, which was last night, we did this super cool remix to called to serve as the closing song.  It was sooooooo freakin AMAZING and the spirit there was so strong from it.

Oh, i just learned something really funny this week.  I found out about someone i know being at the Pocatello Mission right now and is a trainer.  Can you guess who it is?  Well, if you guessed Will Smith i am extremely sad to tell you that you are wrong, even though that would be super cool.  It's my roomate, Michael Meehan, from BYU hahahahahhahahaha.  I was ran into one of his friends that he hung out with alot and asked him where Michael went and he told me Pocatello.  So that would be cool if he was my trainer out in the field because then i wouldn't have to spend the first few days getting to know my knew companion and how he acts.

K, so this week we had our In-Field Orientation and they had some RM's come in and teach us some lessons on stuff that will help us in the field, like using our planner effectively and setting goals before you plan, and plan off those goals.  Well guess who one of the RM's was?  It was Ben from Vocal Point!!!!!!!! And if you don't remember who that is, he is the one who's dad died and he went to go to his funeral in australia and was their bass. When i saw him come into the room i turned to my companion and i was like, "OMG I KNOW WHO THAT IS!!!!" He gave us alot of really good tips and shared alot of cool experiences. 

I can't believe that i am leaving tomorrow, it seriously feels like i just got here like 3 days ago.  Man time flies when you are having fun.  Oh, and i will try to send pictures later today if i can, i left the cord back in my room.  If i don't get around to it today, i will fo sho send it next week.  OH and i still need to send that health insurance form for the shot. hahaha whoops.  k well, unfortunately this stupid timer is about to run out so i have to stop my EPIC story here for now. :*(.  IM SOOOO EXCITED TO BE GOING INTO THE FIELD!!!! oh and we are flying there, so i might call tomorrow if i get the chance while at the airport.  it will be probably be around 9:30-10:30AM since we leave the MTC at 8 and our flight leaves at 11:20.  Well, it is now time to end this chapter so peace be unto thee till next time.

With Love,
Elder Arrowchis, the jSmooth. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Chapter 2

Gosh this place is changing me, but honestly i really like the change.  I still love anime and will most likely continue to play video games when i get back, which by the way like I said I have had no problem with not playing them and won't have a problem with not playing them for 2 years.  I love it here.  Except the food, it does some nasty things to your digestive system.  We all think they spike the food with something beacuse everyone here has to use the bathroom, number 2, 2-3 times a day.  Oh, and you will be happy to hear that i am following everyone's advice and being obedient and making sure that I am having fun. 

Teaching the Gospel is soooooo much fun.  We are doing alot of teaching here at the mtc and teaching "Investigators" atleast twice a day.  We practice teaching at least 2 times a day with "investigators".  Once with random new "investigators" and the other with an "investigator" (our teacher) who we are treating like a real investigator.  For example, he goes to a room and we then go knock on the room and pretend we are knocking on the door to his house, he is role playing as someone, and treat him like he is someone who wants to learn the gospel.  We do this every day (switching between both teachers) and then next time we meet with him we continue where we left off from the last time. 

K time to talk about my companero.  His name is Elder Standage, he is from Gilbert Arizona, he likes cars, programming, and physics.  He is super awesome and we get along very well.  Also, going to BYU for a year has MAJORLY benefited me.  Unlike all the people who this is there first time away from home, i am easily able to handle being off by myself.  OH, before i go i have one more story.  K, so there is a fireside every sunday, and after that there are gospel movies being played in different rooms, and I noticed that there was the Joseph Smith Movie being played, but then i noticed there was a Japanese showing of it and I instantly was like OMG I WANT TO GO SEE THAT! IT"S LIKE ANIME BUT WITH JOSEPH SMITH INSTEAD!!! And everyone in my district looked at me wierd and no one would go with me, so I was forced to go watch it in English with them ;(. Well, I am almost out of time so i have to go.  Stupid Timers :(.  Bye.

Elder Arrowchis, The Smarter One

Monday, January 9, 2012

MTC "Best Thing Ever!"

Dear Mother of mine,
    I am at the MTC and still alive.  Write more next week, really busy.  Hahahaha, just kidding!  I love it here.  It feels so GOOD to be doing something again with my life instead of just picking up old people's poop.  The spirit here is amazing and this place has definitely made the top of Jordan's, uh I mean Elder Arrowchis's, BEST THING EVER! list.  The pace of learning here is really fast and it's definitely a challenge, but it's worth it.  So we already started teaching our first "investigators" and it was a cool and humbling experience.  It was cool because it was exactly like being in the field, where me and my companion go knock on the door and we teach the "investigator" (our teacher role playing), like we are at his house in a real lesson.  But it was humbling because it made me realize how hard it actually is because it all looked so easy when i watched elder DeYoung and Elder Davis do it.  So ya, i have alot of studying to do so i can be as awesome as they are. 

Oh btw, Crystal send me a letter this week and also sent me a box of krispy kreme doughnuts, which was super exciting to get.  Now i just need to send a thank you letter to her for the wonderful gift.  Well, i am almost at my time limit this week so I am going to end it here, but i want you to know that I am still alive and I love you.  I will write again next wekk about the Great Adventures of Elder Arrowchis.  Hmmm that sounds like an epic book title hahaha.  Oh, by the way I left my suit hanger and my belt that you got me at home i think, because they weren't in my suitcase when I got here, so can you please send me those? Thanks! XD.  Oh, and i had to get a tetnus shot because they wanted me to have had my last one within a 5 year period and it wasn't, so i had to pay 43 dollars for it, but I will be sending you the paperwork this week, once i remember how to address a letter hahaha, so my insurance can cover it/reimburse me.  And can you also email me the addresses of dylan and the titels so i can write them a letter? thanks! XD