Monday, October 15, 2012

Chapter 41

No way!!! Brother Wilson got released as young men's president?  I thought he was just going to stay in it forever hahahaha.  Man he was definately an awesome young men's president and he will be missed as one.  That's pretty insane that you guys have had to fill up more water trays the last 2 weeks [for sacrament].  I can't even imagine anymore what that's like to have so many people in one sacrament meeting hahahaha.

So this week was pretty legit.  We found yet another person to teach this week XD.  He is an 8 year old boy who's parents want him to get baptized when he turns 9, they themselves are less-active, and so they want him to go through the missionary discussions to help prepare him for baptism XD.  It was cool meeting them and to begin teaching him. XD.  Since the time i first got here to Ririe till now the work has picked up soooo much.  It's been awesome being able to see the Lord help us daily in our work here XD.  We also were able to meet with this lady who is less-active and we had such an amazing lesson with her.  We talked all about the atonement and how it is able to help us in our lives to where we can be forgiven of our sins.  The spirit was so strong in that lesson and in the end she agreed to meeting with the bishop and starting on her path back to being active once again XD.  It's seriously amazing what the spirit is able to do through us 20 year old boys who are trying their best to be representitives of Jesus Christ XD.

To answer your question for p-day we usually hang out at this member's house, in ucon, as a zone because they have an indoor volleyball court and a racquet ball court that they let us use. They also have a huge grass field next to their house that we can use for games like ultimate frizbee and what not XD.

Well, that's all that i have to report on for this week.  Peace out till next week. XD
With love,
Elder ---->chis

Chapter 40

I definately was freaking out when i heard the announcement for the change in missionary age.  And i agree w/ them making it 18 for boys.  If that rule were around when i was graduating high school i think i would of definately took them up on that one and tried to go when i was 18.  Imagine though how many more missionaries we are going to have out now because of the change in age requirement?  I mean especially the number of Sister Missionaries.  And that is awesome that Melani and Jane both are thinking of turning in their missionary papers!  A mission is definately a wonderful experience and i wouldn't trade it for anything XD.  So while on the topic of conference i would have to say that Uchtdorf's talk was also my favorite, especially the one in priesthood session XD.

To answer your question, I cover a total of 8 wards in my area (we cover the entire stake here) and the way we do dinners is every 3 days we go to a different ward for our dinners.  So pretty much every ward feeds us 3 times in one month.  Our ward mission leaders usually call people a week before or ask people at church to see if they can feed us.

So this week was a really good week for us for both fun and missionary work XD.  I'll start off with the missionary work part XD.  We were able to find 2 new people to teach and are super excited to start teaching both of them.  One of them is a person the spanish missionaries contacted while tracting and she told them she wants to meet with the missionaries XD.  So they told us about her and we went and contacted her and setup an appointment to come back.  The other person is a husband of one of the members here.  He is not a member and has taken the missionary discussions before in the past.  We went and contacted him and he told us he would like to start taking them again, which made me and Elder Boyack super excited.  The Lord is blessing us so much in this area and I am definately glad that i am serving here XD.

On to the fun part of this week XD.  So the first thing that happened is we got to go to a straw maze XD.  One of the wards here was going to a local straw maze and the bishop invited us to come so we can interact with the youth.  So we went and it was definately fun to do because we did it at night so the entire maze was pretty dark.  We cheated though hahaha XD.  We just put our hand on the left wall and followed it the entire way through so we knew for sure that we would make it eventually hahaha XD. 

The other fun, yet spiritual, thing we did is we got to watch conference as a zone XD.  And in between sessions we went and got food and just hung out so it was pretty fun XD.  I even got to see my last companion, Elder Wilkins, because the Terreton district (which was my previous one) got moved from being in the Rexburg Zone to the Rigby Zone (which i am in now XD).  Apparently they are having a tremendous amount of success back in Terreton right now and have quite a few baptismal dates, which made me super happy to hear about XD.

Well, that's all i have to report on this week so i shall end this here.  Peace out!
Elder --->chis

Monday, October 1, 2012

Chapter 39

Woot it's October!!!!!!! And just like you i love October XD. Halloween is such an awesome holiday, especially as a missionary XD. We get to watch a movie for halloween and we are all hoping that it's going to be avengers hahaha XD. And wow seriously? It's going to be over 100 there today? I wish we could have warm weather like that... :( it just keeps getting colder and colder here ;(. And i have not yet broken out the hot chocolate yet but i probably will be soon XD. So i definately remember doing the primary program but i don't remember doing a flying jump of the stand when i finished my speaking part hahahaha. However, i can definately see myself doing something like that hahahaha. I mean it's similar to something else i remember doing. I remember when i got sustained in sacrament as a deacon and went up to shake bishop Kubat's hand, when i was heading back to my seat i did the whole napolean dynamite "yes" pose and then went back to my seat hahahaha XD.

That's awesome that you have a goal for this upcoming conference. You definately get more out of conference when you set a goal for learning something XD. And yes we do get to watch conference, which i am super excited about XD. I can't believe that it has already been 6 months though since the last one. The time on the mission is seriously flying by soooooo fast it's insane. I mean it feels like me and Elder Boyack have only been companions for maybe a week but in reality it's already been a month and a half!!! Oh speaking of that, transfer calls came on saturday and we found out that we are staying together in Ririe for another transfer, which we are super excited about XD. I would have to say that Elder Boyack is the companion that i have gotten along the best with and we are having so much fun together in Ririe, we hope that we get to stay together for both thanksgiving and christmas XD and celebrate the holidays together and show Idaho how 2 california boy get stuff done XD hahahaha.

So to answer your question of have i been having delicious potatoes, i shall answer w/ an awesome story that happened this week XD.  In kyle's last email to me he asked me if i had converted any potatoes yet, and unfortunately i had to tell him no :(. But on saturday we got to participate in a potato harvest and we got to take home 2 boxes of potatoes XD. So the potatoes have been converted and are now sitting in our house waiting to be eaten XD. We have already cooked a few of them and made some delicious hash browns. There is nothing like a fresh idaho potato XD.

The work in Ririe is starting to pick up for us XD. This last week me and Elder Boyack taught quite alot of people and are continuing to find more people. It's awesome!!!!! XD hahaha. The members are starting get involved in the work and one of the wards have even been doing this awesome idea of a 40 day fast for missionary work. Every day of the week a different family in the ward is fasting for missionary opportunities for 40 days and so far it has been helping alot XD. 

Other than that though there isn't any more news to report on so i am going to end this email here. Peace out till next week XD.
Elder --->chis

Chapter 38

This last week was a better week for us here in the land of Ririe XD.  So the first thing that happened is we had a mission tour and one of the quorum of the 70, Elder Whitting, came down and toured our mission and had a conference with all of us XD.  It was such an amazing conference XD.  Our mission president, his wife, Elder and Sister whitting all talked to us and gave such wonderful advice.  One of my favorite things was a quote that Elder Whitting gave us XD.  He told us that "You create your own spiritual experiences."  That is so true, especially on the mission.  You can't just sit back and wait for everything to fall into your lap. You have to go out, have faith, and work for those wonderful spiritual missionary experiences XD.  He really gave a good conference for us and was a massive pump up to all of us missionaries XD.  So another cool thing that happened this week is me and my companion got to speak in one of our wards XD.  Honestly, although i still am not partial to giving talks,  the mission has definately helped me become better speaker in sacrament from all the different times that we get to speak XD.  We were both asked to speak on missionary work and we both feel like we did our best to try and motivate the ward to help us progress the missionary work in their ward XD.

So other than that though not much else happened this week :( so i am going to end this chapter here.  Love you all and thanks for all the support XD.  Peace out till next week XD.

Elda --->chis