Monday, December 17, 2012

Chapter 50

That's super awesome that parker got ordained an Elder!  He is definately going to make an excellent missionary. XD And speaking of soon to be missionaries, that's so exciting to hear that Melanie is going to be getting her mission call! You definately have to tell me next week in your next email where she is going. XD
So things are pretty much going really well here in Ririe for us XD.  Like i said earlier, me and my companion found out this last week that we are going to be staying together in Ririe for another transfer, which i am super excited about because Elder Quintanilla is a pretty legit dude and we get along very well XD.  It helps when you both like anime alot hahaha ;).  But one of the exciting things that happened to us this week is with this less-active family we have been working with.  They have been coming to church for the last couple of weeks and have been turning their life around majorly, even to the point where at our last appointment they set a goal to work on getting worthy to go to the temple so they can be sealed as a family XD.  Honestly, it's amazing what the spirit can do when it touches peoples lives. XD And i don't know if i told you about this yet, but even more awesome news is we have a baptism planned for the 29th for this girl named Tiva XD. We have been teaching her for awhile now and she is super excited to be baptized XD.  Things are seriously really really reeeaallllyyy well for us here in Ririe and thanks for all the prayers because they are definately helping XD.  Well, that's pretty much what happened this last week so i am going to end this email here XD.  Peace out till next week and i will send some pictures XD.
With love,
Elder ---chis--->

Chapter 49

So this week was pretty much legit! As i told you last week, 2 of our investigators got baptized on saturday! XD  Their baptism was soooo awesome, especially when they came out of the waters after being baptized XD.  You could see the happiness shine forth from their faces :).  Honestly, seeing someone be baptized has become one of my favorite things, especially as a missionary because you see just how much they have drawn closer to their savior and heavenly father and the wonderful relationship they are building with him XD.  And when they are done being baptized you can see the joy and light they have in their eyes because they can feel that all their sins have been washed away and that they have a clean slate now XD.  BAPTISM IS AWESOME!!!!! hahahaha XD. 
Another awesome thing that happened this week is we were able to begin teaching this less-active member who really wants to turn her life around.  She called us up earlier on last week asking if we could come and meet with her because she wants to start coming to church again and wants to take the missionary discussions because she has been less-active for awhile now and wants to get foundation on the gospel once again XD.  So we set up a time and were able to meet with her and she has such a strong desire to come back to church it's awesome XD.  Honestly, i love being a missionary hahahaha XD.  The joy that comes from seeing people progress in the gospel, as they come to church/read their scriptures/and pray to their heavenly father, and feel their heavenly father's love in their life is incomparable to anything i have experienced XD.
So the last awesome experience i have to share that happened this week is we had stake conference on sunday! XD.  Man, was it a good stake conference too.  It was all centered on missionary work and the speakers that gave talks were awesome XD.  But the thing i liked most about it was that it wasn't all just about going on a mission, but being a member missionary where you live by reaching out to those around you and trying to share the gospel with those you know in your life.  I seriously love the Ririe Stake because everyone here is so missionary minded and are always coming up to us with friends they have that they have asked if they would like to take the missionary discussion and have said yes XD.
Well, That's all i have to report on this week so i am going to end this email here.  Love ya and peace out till next week XD.
With love,
Elder ---chis--->

Monday, December 3, 2012

Chapter 48

That's so legit that Parker is going to Arequipa!!!!!!!! I don't know if i told you this, pretty sure i did in one of my last emails, but my current companion, elder Quintanilla, is from Peru so when i told him that parker got sent to Arequipa he told me that is a, "Legit Mission!"  So you can tell parker that he is going to a Legit Mission hahaha XD.  And thanks for sending me a picture of parker opening his mission call, he definately looks super excited to be opening it hahaha XD. I know i was XD.  And Rebecca got called to Russia? That's legit dude! And you are right she definately will make a good missionary. 

So things are definately going awesome in Ririe! XD This week we found yet another 2 people to start teaching and both are really awesome people!  Honestly, it's awesome how much the Lord helps us in this work and i can see it every week.  One of the things i have noticed since being here is that we have been able to find at least one new person to start teaching every week!  And even more exciting news is we actually have 3 baptisms coming up this saturday! XD And for one of the baptisms the person has asked me to do the baptism, which i am both honored and excited to do because it will be the first person that i have ever baptized! WOOT! XD hahaha.  I seriously hope i get to stay in this area for awhile longer so i can help the work progress here even more than it has XD.
Well, thanks for the pictures and the wonderful news about people getting mission calls.  Peace out and love ya lots XD.
With love,
Elder --->chis

Chapter 47

So this week was pretty much legit!!!!  We pretty much bossed it up in our area XD.  One of the families we are teaching, this girl named Teva and her Dad Jorden, met with us this sunday and we had such an amazing lesson with them.  We taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End), and the room was filled with the spirit and everyone could feel it's presence tremendously.  We even invited them to be baptized at the end of the lesson and both of them accepted the invitation to be baptized! XD.  Another awesome thing that happened this week is this kid name xave, who we have been just trying to fellowship for awhile now, agreed to start taking the missionary discussions!!!! He is a legit person and we can't wait to start teaching him XD.

On Thanksgiving, we had 3 meals that day, the first one being a lunch with 2 families who did a combined thanksgiving together (The Bowers and the Johnsons.)  Then we went and had linner with the Roberts, (the ones in the picture of us eating with them.)  And then finally we went to our 3rd appointment and had dinner with a family named the Stephensons, who is our ward mission leader.  It was definately a day full of getting fat and eatting alot hahaha.  But hey, it's thanksgiving A.K.A the one day in the year where you can get fat and it's allowed hahaha XD.  We also played football as a zone that morning so we definitely had a fun p-day that day XD. 
The next awesome thing that happened this week is something i never guess would happen on my mission.  Brace yourself because this is probably one of the highlights of my mission hahahaha.  You ready???? K here it is...........I HAD IN-N-OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYUH!!!!!!! Now i bet you had to re-read that because you are probably thinking there is no way i could possibly have in-n-out while i am in Idaho.  So it was friday and we were eating with our ward mission leader’s son for dinner at their house (Brother Jose), oh and the reason his son was the one feeding us is because Brother Jose and his wife were still getting back from their trip they took down to utah for thanksgiving so he had his son come over and feed us at his place, and after dinner we sat around for a little bit just talking. Well, while we were doing that Brother and Sister Jose got back from their trip and walked in the door and Sister Jose comes up to me and tells me that she has a suprise for me.  Well, she then proceeded to pull a white paper bag out of her travel bag and handed it to me and i instantly zeroed in on what logo was on the bag.  It was In-n-Out!  I was so excited when i saw that bag that i was like a little kid on christmas morning who can't wait to open his first present hahahaha.  And even though it had been sitting in the car for the last 3 hours it still was heaven hahaha.  I seriously love all the members here in Ririe.  They are all really nice and wonderful people.  And they also help us out so much in the missionary work here it is legit! XD I seriously hope i get to stay here for quite a while longer XD.
Well, that's all i have to talk about this week so i am going to end this email here.  Love you and peace out till next week XD.
With love,
Elder ---->chis