Monday, December 3, 2012

Chapter 48

That's so legit that Parker is going to Arequipa!!!!!!!! I don't know if i told you this, pretty sure i did in one of my last emails, but my current companion, elder Quintanilla, is from Peru so when i told him that parker got sent to Arequipa he told me that is a, "Legit Mission!"  So you can tell parker that he is going to a Legit Mission hahaha XD.  And thanks for sending me a picture of parker opening his mission call, he definately looks super excited to be opening it hahaha XD. I know i was XD.  And Rebecca got called to Russia? That's legit dude! And you are right she definately will make a good missionary. 

So things are definately going awesome in Ririe! XD This week we found yet another 2 people to start teaching and both are really awesome people!  Honestly, it's awesome how much the Lord helps us in this work and i can see it every week.  One of the things i have noticed since being here is that we have been able to find at least one new person to start teaching every week!  And even more exciting news is we actually have 3 baptisms coming up this saturday! XD And for one of the baptisms the person has asked me to do the baptism, which i am both honored and excited to do because it will be the first person that i have ever baptized! WOOT! XD hahaha.  I seriously hope i get to stay in this area for awhile longer so i can help the work progress here even more than it has XD.
Well, thanks for the pictures and the wonderful news about people getting mission calls.  Peace out and love ya lots XD.
With love,
Elder --->chis

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