Monday, January 21, 2013

Chapter 55

That's so awesome that Joy got baptized!!!  And wow, that's super cool that Elder DeYoung was able to come back for the baptism XD.  So to answer your question, we are not having transfers a week early, they just made this transfer 7 weeks long, instead of 6, to compensate for the last transfer being only 5 weeks.  So transfer for us are going to be on february 6th XD.  I seriously really really really really really really really really hope that i get to stay in Ririe :(.  I love this area sooooo much and i really don't want to leave hahaha.
So that's pretty awesome that Brady is about to go to the MTC.  He is going to be such an awesome missionary. XD.  But man it's wierd to think that so many of the youth, well, i guess they are no longer youth, are getting mission calls!  And speaking of mission calls, I CAN"T BELIEVE HALEY GOT A MISSION CALL TO JAPAN!!!!!!!!!  Tell her to enjoy sushi for me because i miss sushi soooo much hahahaha XD.  It's getting to the point that i might give in and go try a sushi place in Idaho :O hahahaha.  And that's even more exciting to hear that Villi is about to start his papers!!!! K, so on sunday you have to go up to Villi for me and give him a high five and tell him that i am super happy that he is going to start his papers XD.  Oh, and that my prediction for him is that he is going to get sent to the Pocatello Idaho Mission XD. 

Last week i told you that we found 2 new families to start teaching.  Well, i am super happy to report that we were able to teach one of the families (who is a family that has just started coming back to church in the last month XD) for the first time yesterday and their daughter (who is 9 and isn't baptized) accepted our invitation to be baptized and now has a baptismal goal to be baptized on february 16th! XD.  We now have 3 investigators that have committed to being baptized! WOOT! XD  They are an amazing family too! They really want to draw closer as a family and they know that by coming back to church and having their daughter get baptized will help them achieve this goal! XD.  Unfortunately, the other family that we were going to start teaching this week (the wife is a member but the husband isn't) had to reschedule this week because the husband was in a small car accident.  He is fine and everything, but he is a little sore and tired from it so they rescheduled to this week.  But they both came to church on sunday and he expressed that he is still looking forward to our visit this week XD.   Things are really going great for us here in Ririe right now and next week is lined up to be even better!

Well, that's all i have to report on this week so i am going to end this email here. XD.  Peace out and love you guys! XD.

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