Monday, March 25, 2013

Chapter 63

I can't believe that both Parker and Alex are already going on missions dude.  I seriously have no clue where the time is going because i swear there is no way i am already almost out 15 months in the mission hahaha.  It seriously feels like i should be telling people that i have only been out like a few months because that's how long it honestly has felt hahaha XD.  I guess the saying, time flies when you are having fun, is true because i am definitely enjoying my mission and loving every minute of it XD.  But you are right, no one is going to be there when i get back because they will all have gone on missions hahaha XD.

So some advice i guess for parker for his mission is to love every minute of it.  Love the people, love his areas, and especially love his companions because the companions you get aren't perfect and have their differences from you, but they are his companions for a reason and comp unity is the most important part of missionary work XD.

Ya i have definitely been thinking of email bunker and wilson, i just need to get less distracted while doing my emails so i can have time to email them hahaha XD.

So i do have some news to tell you that i am pretty sure will blow your mind into 8 months from now because you will want to hurry up and see this in person.......It all started when we were at the Jose's, our ward mission leader if you forgot XD, eatting lunch with them after church.  So we started off the meal by eatting salad and i noticed that there were tomatoes in the salad but this time i was to lazy to really care about picking the tomates out so i ended up getting a few tomatoes in my salad.  Well, i also got lazy once they were on my plate and figured what the heck im just going to eat i did.....and i actually not only liked the tomatoes but i really enjoyed the tomatoes hahaha XD.  Bet you never thought i would say that :P.  hahahaha.  But ya, i guess i don't hate tomatoes anymore.  XD

So you wanted to know about me being a trainer and i am enjoying it a lot.  Ya, it is stressful at times and definitely not a walk in the park, but it is making me grow as a person and i am very grateful for this opportunity to be a trainer XD.  So since you asked what i am trying to do to stay on top of things in my area as a missionary/trainer i guess one of the things i am doing is i am trying to stay in contact with all my ward mission leaders at least weekly so i can know what is going on in each ward.  It isn't the easiest thing to do with 8 wards but even if it's just a phone call we are doing it XD.

So things are going really well for us here in Ririe XD.  One of our investigators is going to be getting baptized this saturday and we are going to be having 2 more baptisms next month XD.  We are currently trying to find more people to teach at the moment so we don't get stuck with having no one to teach when we baptize them all XD.  We just found a family up in swan valley this last week (they play volleyball at the ward volleyball night and we just had dinner with them on thursday when we went up) and when we see them next we are going to challenge them to take the missionary discussions XD.  There is also another non-member who has been coming to church with his wife for the last 5 weeks straight, i think i have told you about him before and came to our baptism we had for Jorden and we are going to meet with him tomorrow and we are going to challenge him to take the missionary discussions, so pray for us that things go well for us so we can continue to have awesome success in the best place in the world XD. 

Well, that's all the success stories i have to share this week and i am done telling you about me actually enjoying tomatoes now so i am going to end this email here.  Peace out till next week and love you guys XD.

With love,
Elder ---chis--->

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