Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chapter 67 - April 22, 2013

The first thing that happened to us this week is that we got transfer calls and we found out that Elder Bush is getting transferred.  Neither of us were expecting it because we figured we would be together for his entire training but i guess heavenly father only planned on having me do the first half of training.  I hope that he has learned some things from being my companion and that they stick with him for the rest of his mission because i definitely learned a few things from him.  My new companion is going to be Elder Myers who has been out 3 months, so he will have just finished being trained when i get him as a companion, and the only thing i have learned about him is that he is from.....ORANGE COUNTY CALIFORNIA BABY!!!!! HECK YA!!!!! hahaha.  So he is going to be my 3rd Californian companion XD.  I wonder where in OC he is from?  Well, i guess i will find out on wed where he is from XD.  But one good thing from me finding out that i am staying is that.....I WILL GET TO DO MY LAST SKYPE CALL HOME FROM RIRIE!!!!!!!! XD So 2/3rds of my mission skype calls will have been from ririe hahaha XD.  I will probably do it at the Jose's too so you will get to meet them for a sec on the skype call XD.  

Well, i guess the other thing i have to report on this week is that we had our baptism on Saturday and man was it an awesome baptism.  Everything that you could ask for in a baptism to make it perfect happened at that baptism.  The entire room was filled so there was a lot of support from the ward, the baptism was wonderful, and at the end we had a testimony meeting and a few people came up and bore wonderful testimonies.  The spirit was so strong there at the baptism and our investigator that we baptized, saun, has grown sooo much since i started teaching him 4 months ago.  I seriously have grown to love the people of Ririe so much that i honestly can't put it into words.  I love all the members, all the people that i have taught or am currently teaching, and the day i do get transferred will honestly be one of the saddest days ever for me haha.  If i could, i would actually want to serve out the rest of my mission here in Ririe i love it so much hahaha XD.  Well, that's all i have to report on this week.  Peace out and can't wait to tell you next monday about the baptism that we are having this saturday XD.

With love,
Elder ---chis--->

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