Monday, December 9, 2013

Chapter 99 - November 26, 2013

ya i realized they are getting kinda short [emails] hahaha.  But i guess that's because i figure ill just see you in 2 weeks so my laziness is kicking in and i figure i can just cover the main points and go more in detail when i see you guys hahaha.  But to answer your question, yes it's extremely wierd to think that i only have 2 more weeks left of my mission.  I keep looking back and thinking where in the world did all that time go.  It seriously feels like i have only been out maybe a year or so.  Suuuuper wierd,  But at the same time i am excited :).  And i hope Mika isn't still hurt when i get home.  

So i'm not sure what my plans are at the moment for thanksgiving.  We are still trying to figure all that out.  That would be cool to stop on in and see uncle bob and all them though.

So i guess there really wasn't much that happened this week.  I kinda got sick and so for like a 3rd of the week i was stuck inside dieing hahaha.  But while i was sick Spencer (Johnson), and Loren (brother Jose) came and took turns "Babysitting" me so my companions could go out and work.  They are so awesome :).  So ya, not really much to say cause when i wasn't sick not much happened hahaha.

Well, peace out till next week :)

Elder ---chis--->

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