Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chapter 18

So about calling home, I will be calling home around 3:30 and as of right now i will be using skype.  So i will talk to you guys at 3:30 and my dad around 4:15ish so be ready for me XD.  I am super excited to be calling home, i have one requirement however....Mika must be there XD.

This last week was pretty eventful.  To start off we had our stake conference this last sunday.  It was wierd because instead of the stake president and other people speaking we had our stake conference broad casted to us by salt lake city.  Have we ever had that back home? If so i don't remember it hahaha.  So, the next item of awesomeness that happened this last week is i gave my first baptismal invitation, and it was in spanish!!!!! He said he would like to but he wants to get support from his wife before he does. But it was so awesome!!!!  I even bore my testimony to him in spanish which was also awesome and went very well.  I still can't keep up intense conversations with people but my spanish learning is progressing along very well XD.

And  lastly, something funny to report on that happened this last week is we had 4 dinners on sunday hahahaha.  People kept coming up to us on sunday and telling us that we should go to their house for lunch/dinner after stake conference.  I felt so sick at the end of it all and i am really sick of eatting desert, because every dinner appointment we have they always feed us desert hahaha.  They are making it hard for me to achieve my goal of not gaining any weight on my mission :( hahaha. But i so far have stuck to that goal and haven't gained any weight XD. Oh, that reminds me i do have one more thing to tell you.  Me and  my companion are going to be starting P90X as our workout in the mornings! XD.  So be prepared to see me super ripped in about 90 days, that is if we don't decide to give it up after a week hahaha. Well, that's all that really happened this week. I love hearing what's going on back home in the ward and with you guys so please continue to keep me updated on everything! XD

Con Amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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