Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chapter 21

Transfers are on wed. and we got the transfer calls on saturday and they are good and bad :(.  They are awesome because like you hoped i get to stay in my area! And my new companion is going to be the new district leader of my district, since my current one got transfered, so that will be a fun experience.  So now the bad news though.... They are making my area into an english speaking area, which means i am back to speaking english as a missionary again.....But im actually fine with it for a few reasons. One, i asked president colton if i can still do my 1 hour of language study every day to keep learning spanish, and he said that it was fine.  Also, when i go on exchanges (which will happen to me atleast once a week since im the district leaders companion and he has to go on an exchance with all the elders in his district atleast once a transfer) all the other missionaries in my district are in spanish areas so i will get to still learn it/teach in spanish on exchanges.  So it wasn't a complete waste for david to send me those spanish materials.  Also, president colton said that this was just for now so Im hoping that once we get more spanish missionaries that they will open this area back up as a spanish area and i will be spanish again XD (my guess is in 2 to 3 transfers that could happen). 

But i have been reflecting on me coming to this area and i really have warm feeling that i wasn't supposed to be coming to this area to be a spanish missionary, but to serve in this area and to meet some certain families.  There are 2 families that we are teaching that i have drawn really close to and i have this unexpressible love for them and want the best for them.  So i am extremely happy that i get to stay here for another transfer and continue to teach them and help them progress to baptism! XD

Well i don't have time much time to email this week so i will end it here. All the elders in my district want to go golfing because 4 out of 6 of my district are getting transfered hahaha, so they want to do a last p-day activity with each other so i told them i would keep my emailing short this week. So unfortunately i won't be able to email david this week, but tell him i will write him next week because i will have my normal aloted time XD. Peace out till next time!

Con amor,

Elder Arrowchis

P.S. Can you tell my bum friends to freaking email me already :P. Thank you XD.

Also, please find out for me this week whether Ashley is at BYU still for another semester or at home so i can know what address to send my letter to! thank you! XD

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