Monday, February 11, 2013

Chapter 57

Hey Super Bowl Sunday means alot to missionaries.  It means for dinner we are getting alot of pizza and chips and dip and other awesome stuff hahahaha XD.  Ya, our ward mission leader told us that him and his wife weren't planning on just recording the super bowl and then watching it later on in the night so they could fast forward through the game and watch the commercials, so they invited us over to lunch/dinner since they knew everyone else would be watching it.  So we got to have a "Super Bowl Party" without the Super Bowl part.  We had pizza/wings/a bunch of different chip dips/a few other things and it was goooooood hahaha XD. 

So i guess it's time to finally answer the BIG question that you are wondering about......Whether or not i am getting transrfered.....I AM STAYING IN RIRIE FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER WOOOOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!! XD.  And I am staying with Elder Quintanilla for another transfer also which we are both super excited for.  XD.  And because i am staying that means that i get to be to see all of our investigators get baptized!!! wooot! XD  January flew by sooooo fast.  I swear, my mission just keeps getting faster and faster as i get farther into it.  Everyone here in Ririe was telling me that once i hit my year mark time really speeds up and man are they right. 

Well, that's all i have to really report on this week.  Unfortunately the flu has been hitting Ririe pretty hard lately so alot of our appointments fell through due to them being sick so not much happened this week.  :(  Peace out and cya next week XD.

p.s.  OH SCRATCH NOTHING HAPPENING THIS WEEK! I forgot! XD We were able to finally start meeting with this non-member to begin teaching her the lessons and it's awesome that we got in because i have been trying for the past 5 months or so XD.

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