Monday, February 11, 2013

Chapter 58

First off, that's awesome that Brandon Shamsabadi is going on a mission to Barcelona Spain!!!!!!  He is going to make such a great missionary! And that's super cool that Ashley's Cousin will be coming to this mission.  BEST MISSION EVAH!!!!!!  I will definately have to find him once he gets to the mission!  And Woot! The Aliso Viejo ward is starting to rep on the mission board! Let's keep it going XD.

So to answer your questions i cover the Ririe Stake, in the Ririe stake there are 8 wards, and one of those wards is all the way out in swan valley so we go to swan valley every thursday XD.  It is pretty cool up there and they have alot of cool members.  For p-days we go to the ammon walmart to do our shopping and we do our emails in rigby.  Lately it has been getting warmer here in Ririe so when it is sunny it is starting to feel a little more like summer hahaha.  But it's getting warm enough that it is time to ditch the beanie. which i know will make you happy hahaha, because i don't need it anymore to keep my head warm.  So you will be getting pictures in the future that no longer have my beanie on XD.

So things are going really well for us in Ririe.  Those baptisms that i told you about in the past, we had to move a few of their dates for various reasons, but they are all still super excited to get baptized so expect to hear about 4 baptisms when march comes XD.  We are also finding people every week to start teaching, whether they are less active people or they are non-members, and the work is really going well for us XD.  I love this area soooo much because all of the people we are teaching are amazing and the members here are such a great help to us.  I really hope to stay here for quite a bit longer XD.  Thanks for all the prayers because they are definitely helping and i ask you to continue to keep praying for me to keep finding all these amazing people XD.

Well, that's all i got to say this week so i will end this email here.  Peace out till next week XD.

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