Monday, June 10, 2013

Chapter 74 - June 10, 2013

Leaving Ririe, I miss them all so much but knowing that this is where the lord wants me and where i am supposed to be has made it easier.  Plus, 6 months aint that long of a time ;) (no that's not a trunky comment hahaha).  

That's cool that Tiffany got baptized.  And that's even cooler that she got baptized in a pool!  Man, i would kill to baptize someone in a pool.  I am positive though that if i were the one baptizing the person in the pool i would take a 5-10 second swim in the pool hahaha.  That's also legit that Garrett is getting his mission call this week.  You will have to make sure to tell me first thing next monday where he gets his mission call to.  Speaking of mission calls though, i have already been telling a few people that i know someone coming out in august (landon) and that i call training him hahaha.  Gotta teach him how to rep the Laguna Niguel Stake ;).
So i guess it's time to tell you how things are in my new area.  My companion's name is Elder Farnsworth and he is freakin legit.  We pretty much hit it off right from the beginning and are having a fun time together.  And guess who his MTC comp was?  His comp in the MTC was Elder Bush! So we have been sharing stories with each other hahaha.  Oh, speaking of Elder Bush he ended up going home to serve a service mission.  But ya, I am looking forward to this transfer serving with Elder Farnsworth because we are gonna tear it up here in Alameda.  Right now we have 4 people that we are working with that are progressing towards baptism so the work is going well in this area.  They gave me a good welcome for my first day as a district leader as well.  Pretty much within the first few hours of being a district leader i did a baptismal interview and then a few hours after that i went and taught the restoration at one of the baptisms happening in my district.  Being a district leader is a little stressful, mostly having to do all the paper work and what not, but i am enjoying it so far.  Ill tell  you next week how i feel about being district leader after i give my first district meeting this week hahaha.  Well, that's all that's been happening this week so im gonna end this here.  Peace out till next week!
With love,
Elder ---chis--->

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