Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chapter 77 - July 1, 2013

So things went alright this week for us.  We were able to get in contact with a few of our referrals this week and from that we now have 2 new families to begin teaching and hopefully we will be getting atleast 1-2 more families to start teaching :).  Also, one of the less-active people we have been working with came to church again for the 2nd time now :).  It's so amazing to see how much the lord is helping us in the work.  I seriously see it everyday from him reminding us about stuff, because me and my comp are a little forgetful sometimes hahaha, to him giving us people to teach and leading us right to them.  We had a cool experience the other week.  We were going to go contact someone that had previously been visited by missionaries and while on the way we get this phone call from a member who was asking if we would go visit the exact family we were about to go visit.  So when we got there we found the husband outside and just started to talk with him.  He said his wife really wants to start coming back to church again and that he himself would really like to get involved with the missionaries and learn more about the church.  I love being a missionary :).

This last week there was this huge Priesthood Scouting encampment and they gave out this new award there called the Thomas S. Monson award.  To get this award they had to talk to missionaries and discuss different topics like duty to god/eagle scout/the book of mormon/for the strength of youth/etc.  So you will never guess what happened to me and my companion?  We got selected to be some of the few missionaries to go to this encampment and help the scouts get their award!!!!! :)  It was soooo legit to do that.  We all had our own stations inside the LDS visitor center tent and i taught the scouts all about the importance of the eagle scout/duty to god awards.  It was hard standing all day and talking for 7 hours straight but man was it a ton of fun.  I will have to say this though, i definitely now know that i never want to be a temple visitor center missionary because my throat hurt sooooo much at the end of the day hahaha.

To answer your super long list of questions; 1) As a district leader i conduct district meetings, go on exchanges with everyone in my district (which i have 8 other missionaries in my district so that's a lot of exchanges haha), do phone calls every thursday to check up on them and then again on sunday to get their numbers for the week, give them permission to do things, and make sure all the elders in my district are doing ok.  2) yes, i am finally getting the hang of conducting district meetings, it was definitely a little stressful my first few times hahaha.

Well, love you all and hope the best for all of you :).  Peace out till next week :).

With love,
Elder ---chis--->

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