Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chapter 79 - July 15, 2013

So things are going awesome right now for me and Elder Farnsworth.  This last week we had a goal of trying to teach 25 lessons and unfortunately we didn't teach that many, but we did teach 20 lessons so we still were able to meet the mission standard of teaching 20 lessons a week :).  This week we also were able to invite 2 more people to be baptized and they accepted! :).   That now puts us up to 6 people that we are currently working with that are progressing towards getting baptized.  We would have 8 but one is kinda in jail for the next 3 weeks or so and the other one we just haven't been able to meet with recently to setup another baptismal date with.  

I would have to say i have 2 highlights that tie for the best highlight of the week.  The first one is that Brother and Sister Jose came down on friday and took me and my companion out to lunch!  Woot! :)  It was so awesome to see them again cause i seriously miss everyone back in Ririe so much.  The other highlight is one of the investigators we found.  We met with her and her husband this week and it's amazing to see how much our heavenly father has prepared her to meet with the missionaries and to accept the gospel.  A day after our first visit with her we get a text from her about how she has been reading the book of mormon and how everytime she picks it up and starts reading she gets goosebumps.  She says she has never felt the spirit so strong like this her entire life of reading the bible.  She knows already that the book of mormon is true and is amazed by how much it goes hand in hand with the bible :).  The other cool story we had with her this week is we went to go stop by on saturday to see how they were doing and to remind them about church and about after a few minutes of talking with them she asked if we could read scriptures with her and her husband.  So we started off with a prayer and began reading where she left off in the book of mormon and about after reading 3 pages or so she stops us and asks if we can say another prayer real quick that her and her husband will be able to retain everything that they have just read and that they will be able to understand/retain everything else they are about to read.  She is so amazing and prepared it's awesome.  I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost and our Heavenly father for making this all possible and touching her life and testifying to her about the truthfulness of the book of mormon.  Well, that's all i got to say this week so peace out till next week :)
With love,
Elder ---chis--->

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