Monday, August 12, 2013

Chapter 82 - August 5, 2013

The first thing you notice about a picture would be that i need a haircut hahaha!  Don't worry, we tried last week but weren't able to get them so we are getting them this week.  But i am also glad that you noticed that i am defintely a lot more in shape and im not as chubby hahaha.  Being in a walking area has really kicked my butt into shape and i am now at 160 pounds haha.  So ya, that member gave us a TON a food so we were pretty excited about that :).  Unfortunately the crock pot has a crack down one side of it so we don't think it would keep in the juice if we were to use it but oh well.

So things were unfortunately still a little stressful and rough this week.  Definitely better than last week though :).  We were able to find a new person to start teaching and are going to have our first lesson with her.  It's this girl named addy and we found her just knocking on doors in our area.  When she answered the door she pretty much straight away told us that she wants to get baptized and when her mom came to the door she said she would talk to her daughter about it and we could call her in a few days.  Soooo we went back and visited her again about 2 days later and we find out that the mom gave her permission to start taking the missionary discussions and possibly get baptized! :).  So things are definitely starting to look up again.  And we also found out that one of the investigators that dropped us, he kinda had to do to some circumstances, we will be able to start teaching him again at the end of the month probably :).  

Elder Farnsworth and i are really trying our best to be obedient and work hard so we can show our heavenly father we are here to work and he and trust us with people to teach :).  Continue to pray for us and i guess that's kinda all i have to report on about this last week.  So peace out till next week :).

With love,
Elder ---chis--->

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