Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chapter 84 - August 19, 2013

Dang.  So you have to teach Gospel Essentials?  Sounds fun ;) hahaha.  I honestly really like going to gospel essentials.  The class topics are always good ones and we usually have some good discussions.  I like that quote though.

Ya i got your box of junk this week.  Me and the other elders in the district have been enjoying some of those random toys.  They especially liked that red water ball toy.  I brought it the next day to district meeting and we kept throwing it around so much that it broke hahaha.  So they all told me to have you send more but i told them it was just a random free give away item from a convention you went to.  They were a bit sad hahaha.  And i know, i can't believe it either than im about to turn 21!  September 2nd baby!!!!!  And no we unfortunately won't be getting an all day p-day but my birthday still falls on normal p-day so i will get to celebrate it from 10-6 :).

So this week was unfortunately a little slower than usual again :(.  A lot of people went out of town to go on vacation or to go camping so pretty much no one was home for the entire weekend :\.  but i was able to find monopoly at a yard sale this week for a dollar! :) hahaha.  So me and Elder Farnsworth have been playing it pretty much every night.  That and Risk.  One awesome thing that happened this week though is we were able to give a blessing to a less-active family that we have been working with.  They are progressing really well right now and infact are working on their goal to go to the temple and get sealed as a family.  They are a really cool family but the wierd part is that both the mom and dad are younger than me hahaha.  So everytime i see the dad i think man, you are younger than me and are already married.  Unfair! hahaha

Well, that's all that really happened this week.  It's been rediculously hot lately and it sucks even more being in missionary clothes when it's hot hahaha.  I straight up can't wait for it to get colder again haha.  Peace out till next week!

With love,
Elder ---chis--->

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