Monday, November 4, 2013

Chapter 96 - November 4, 2013

ya my camera is operable.  The lense has had a scratch on it for like a year now and so the lady was gonna take it in to see if they could fix it.  Unfortunately they couldn't :\.  Then someone else told me that it would probably cost more to replace the lense than to just buy a new camera, so oh well hahaha.  But i haven't taken any pictures :\. Ill Take some pictures this week though.  So that's legit that McKenzie is going to peru.  Seriously, that's funny how they are either sending the missionaries from our stake to peru or to this mission hahaha.  This mission is the better one though :).  Ya, i definitely wasn't expecting to run into uncle bob that day hahaha.  We were riding bikes, we were out of miles :(, and all the sudden uncle bob pulls up next to us hahaha.  And ya, he loaded me up with a lot of candy, which i brought to our movie night on  halloween night and shared with everyone :).  Speaking of movie night ya, i forgot to mention last week that for halloween we watch movies from 6-9 :).  This time we watched Monster University and Wreck it Ralph.  Both were soooooooo good :).  I honestly thought that Monster University was just as good as Monster Inc.  That was my last movie watching during the mission though.  Was a bit wierd to think about hahaha.  What's wierder to think about is how i only have 35 more days.....freakin nuts! 

So things are going alright for us at the moment.  We are going to be having a baptism this saturday for a 17 year old kid named Trace.  He is super solid and what's funny is whenever someone finds out that he is getting baptized that goes to school with him they just stare at us in shock hahaha.  We also have another baptism that will be happening the following saturday :).  So stay tuned for some awesome pictures.  Another news is we went to the baptism of Spencer Johnson's (family back in Ririe) daughter named Aubrey :).  It was super cool to be able to see them all again.  (them being the joses and both spencer and Scott's families).  Another thing that happened this week is we had Interviews with our mission president and i swear the mission president is trying to make me trunky hahaha.  So i went into my interview with him and he pretty much just told me that we are going to be having my departing interview in only like 5 weeks so we will just keep this one short hahaha.  And the last thing that happened this week is we are having to move out of where we are living.  The member's daughter and granddaughter are moving into the basement today so we have to go and stay with the district leader till we can find another place for us to stay.  Yaaaa, it's gonna be fun hahaha.

Well, that's all that happened this week.  Peace out till next week :)

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