Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chapter 95 - October 28, 2013

Sup :).  So things are going pretty well right now for us.  This week we were able to get in with this lady who the missionaries had been trying to get in with for awhile and she even accepted a baptismal date :).  We couldn't tell how excited she was for baptism but she really wanted us to come back and teach her again so hopefully things work out :).  We also went to the temple visitor center yesterday with a few of our investigators, the missionaries were putting on a fireside there, and it was a really good experience for them.  For the fireside the missionaries had a bishop speak all about his conversion story and how the gospel has blessed him in his own life.  The spirit was soooo strong there and hopefully it helped impact our investigators.  We had to split right after the fireside ended, the investigator we rode with had to leave to go to work, so we weren't able to talk to our other one that was there but hopefully she liked it :).  We currently have 6 people that we are teaching and they are all progressing pretty well.  Hoping to find even more to teach this week :).  Well, that's all that really happened this week so i guess ill end it here.  peace out till next week

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