Monday, April 30, 2012

Chapter 17

The Spanish is going great.  I can bear my testimony/pray/share a scripture now in spanish with people.  I mean the testimony is pretty simple, like primary stuff, but whatevs hahaha.  So for the spanish materials, i would say you should wait on sending them till david gets home because he already plans on sending me some spanish materials so you can just ask him if those will be helpful also.  David also just told me this week that i should start reading the BoM every day so i will also start doing that.  That's awesome that you found my old scriptures!!!! hahaha

Thanks for reminding me about dylan's birthday, i had planned on getting him a present but it didn't really click with me that it's already almost May and that his birthday happened hahaha. Time seriously flies by on your mission.  I mean i can't believe that i have already almost been in my new area for 2 weeks!  So ya i already heard from Ayla this last week in a letter she wrote me about the Catalina trip.  I thought it was so funny that they got marooned on catalina for another day.

So to clarify for the branding, we don't actually get to brand them because we aren't allowed to, we just wrestle them to the ground, if they are doing it the roping way, or we push them into the shute, if they are using a shute. But wrestling them down is the most fun part hahaha. However we didn't end up branding this week, but i will tell you later on in this email what we did instead XD.

What i know so far about calling home on mothers day is we will be going to a members house to do it and i will definately be using skype to call you.  And i will make sure that i set up a video camera too so we can video call XD. I don't know what time yet we will be calling home on mothers day yet though but i will let you know next p-day when we have set up everything with the family.

This last week we got to help someone shear sheep!!!!! Just like branding cows, we didn't actually get to do the shearing because we aren't allowed to, and i heard you have to go to school to become a shearer, but we got to heard them into the shearing place and catch the baby sheep and hold them while someone feed them (which was alot of fun).  It was definately a fun experience, besides the fact that we all came away with a little bit of sheep poop on us and smelling like sheep haha.

So some other good news that happened this last week is that my name wasn't butchered during sacrament meeting on the stand for the first time on my mission! hahaha. Some other good news is that I gave a talk this last sunday and I gave a talk longer than 5 min :O hahaha. I gave a 15 min talk on missionary work and it went really well, and of course me being me i prepared that talk the morning of hahaha.

Well there isn't anything else to report on this week so i will end this chapter here.
Peace out till next week! XD

con amor,
Elder Arrowchis

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