Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chapter 25

So things are going great on my mission.  We just found 2 people the other day to start teaching, and one of them looks really promising, so we are super excited XD.  It's also really fun covering a ginormous area XD.  I am teaching quite a few people about the gospel and having a blast while i do it!  Coming on my mission has been one of the best choices i have ever made XD.

This last week, we were driving around in Dubios, trying to get a feel for a layout since we now cover it, and we ran into this sign next to this gate that said, "Enter at your own risk" and so we looked past the gate wondering why a sign would say that and we saw that the path led into this pit and at the bottom of this pit was a cave! We went down to the mouth of the cave and looked inside, and inside the cave we saw a little ways inside a brick wall and a steel door.  So later that day when we were visiting someone we asked them what it was and they told us it was a nuclear bomb shelter that was built back in the cold war! So that was cool to see.

My companion had some people he was teaching in his old area, which was down in poci [Pocatello], who had asked him to baptize them so this last saturday we went down to poci so he could baptize them.  While on the way, however, we decided to get some lunch and guess where we stopped and ate???? PANDA EXPRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT! hahahahaha i was sooooo happy to eat that panda express because it had been pretty much 6 months since i had had it and i was missing it alot hahahaha.  Now i just need to go to chilies, can't really go to maki yaki or in n out since they don't really have them here, and then i will have gone to all my favorite places to eat on my mission XD. 

Last week was one of the "Best Days Ever!" because the stake president came down the stairs holding a bag of elk jerky and asked if we wanted some elk jerky and my companion was like, "I have never had it before so sure" and i was like "OH MY GOSH YESSSS!!!!!! I LOVE ELK JERKY!!!" hahahaha. It was really good and made me think about all the times i eat elk jerky at my dad's house hahahaha.  But while on my mission so far i have had elk, buffalo, deer, lamb, and the only one that was really new to me was ram, which was actually really good hahahaha. 

Well, besides those stories and the fact that my mission is going awesomely great, i am out of things to write about so i will end this chapter here.

Peace out till next week!

With Love,
Elder Arrowchis

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