Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chapter 23

It is pretty cool living with the stake president, mostly because our stake president is a pretty chill person.  He isn't overbearing and wants to help out anyway he can.  It also makes it easier to find out about people in any of the wards because he has lived there his entire life XD.  So what happened this week? hmmmmmmm.....honesly, not a whole lot has happened this week.  We are still just trying to get a hang for the area and finally got our schedule figured out and we are confident that the work here is going to progress really well.  We can already see the potential this area has and we are super excited to get to work XD. 

So i guess something cool that is happening today is we scheduled an appointment for this place called dragon slayer games (it's a card/board game place that is only tues-sat and will open on mondays if you set up an appointment) and we are going to buy some boardgames, mostly settlers of catan and some expansions for it, because since we now cover twice the area and they only gave us 250 more miles than we had before, we have come to the conclusion that we won't be down to Rexburg for a few weeks at least during this transfer for p-day

But other than that nothing really has happened in the last week, so i am going to end my email here XD. I will try and do something exciting this week so i can spice up my next email XD.

Con amor,
Elder Arrowchis XD

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