Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chapter 24

That sounds like a pretty awesome stake conference! Our last Stake Conference we just had here was piped in from SLC, It was still pretty good though, but yours definitely sounds a little more awesome hahaha.  So i have already heard a little bit about that trip to go and TP Joe Wilson's house.  The young men all wrote me this last week and in a few of the letters they told me all about their adventures to go and TP a few people’s houses, one being Joe's.  However they didn't tell me that they got caught hahahahaha.  

Well, as you know this last sunday was Father's Day and i have a funny story to tell about it.  You know how i some how ALWAYS ended up with the treat that the mothers/fathers were getting in church on Mothers/Fathers Day? Well that kinda happened again in my ward here hahahaha.  Sacrament had ended and my companion and I were starting to head off to Gospel Principles class and we were intercepted by one of the Mom's who was helping to hand out the treats, which were cinnamon rolls, and hands us both one and used the excuse that we were Fathers in training. hahahahaha.  We both definately enjoyed those cinnamon rolls and accept our new titles of Fathers in training happily hahaha.

So things are still hectic here now that we cover the entire stake.  We are finally getting used to our new schedule we made of which ward we are going to be in on which day and things are getting better.  Today for p-day we are having a Barbeque with the other elders that live in Roberts and having a Board Game Party so i am definitely looking forward to it! XD

So it's fun/wierd being a district leader's companion.  Pretty much atleast once a week im doing an exchange with the other elders in our district so im with a new companion for a day every week. Like i said, it's fun but wierd.

Con amor,
Elder Arrowchis

P.S. Tell my lamo friends to hurry up and write me, the last time i told you to tell them only steve wrote me hahahaha.

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