Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chapter 27

So not a whole lot happened this week unfortunately, but i will still tell you what did happen XD.  First off, 4th of July was awesome and definately made Jordan's "Best Day Ever" List XD.  It was pretty awesome to see Uncle Bob XD. I was afraid that i wouldn't recognize him if i saw him, but when i saw him walking up the in the aisle of booths in the fair grounds i was like, "dude, that's my Uncle Bob!" hahahaha.  Then we went out as a zone to dinner in Idaho Falls and guess where we went?  WE WENT TO CHILIS! XD.  I had been craving Chilis for quite awhile now so when our zone leader asked us for suggestions on where to go for dinner i quickly suggested Chilis, which of course ended up happening XD.  So if you thought i was happy and excited when i told you i went to Panda Express, times that by 10 and that's how excited i was to go to Chilis hahahaha.  After that we went to the park and found a spot to watch the fireworks and man was the Idaho Falls firework show good.  However, the Disney Land fireworks show is still the best in my opinion XD.
We got to meet our new mission president this week, President Brinkerhoff, on thursday and we all had an interview with him for a few min so he could get to know us individually.  He is a really nice perrson and gave a really good training about how we won't receive specific blessings from our prayers if we don't pray for specific things.  It was really simple but really good XD.  He is definately going to make a really good mission president.

So the last thing that happened, and unfortunately the worst thing that happened this week, is my companion got sick and was in bed sick all saturday and sunday. :( . And let me tell you, being stuck inside all day when you are a missionary because your companion is sick really sucks :(.  Pretty much my only options were to eat, sleep, read scriptures, watch some movies that we get that we can share with people we are teaching, or exercise.  So during those 2 days i ended up watching the movie The Testiments in 5 different languages (English, Japanese (which by far was the best language to watch it in XD), Russian, Korean, and Chinese), reading my scriptures, and practiced my dancing quite alot. But ya, i definately don't want to go through having my companion (or me) getting sick because it really just isn't fun hahaha.

Well that's all that happened this week so I'm going to end this email here.  Peace out till next week XD.

With Love,
Elder Arrowchis

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