Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chapter 26

So you want to know what we get to do for the 4th of July? Do you reeeallyyy realllyy want to know? Well.......... WE GET AN ALL DAY P-DAY!!!!! WOOT! hahahahahaha. Ya i actually will probably be in Menan for the 4th of july and might be watching the fireworks show there.  I will also be able to write all my friends responses to their emails on that day since i will have alot of time! XD. However i probably won't send you those responses till next monday.  But they will atleast be happy at my turn around time XD.  And what else is cool is we get an extended curfew and we will be able to stay out till 11! XD.

Well, onto what happened to me this week!  We went and taught this family that we have been teaching for a little while, named the Phillips (who are pretty much awesome), and we are going to be going to the Visitor Center with them on saturday to see the Joseph Smith the Restoration Video with them! I am super excited to do that with them because the Temple is such a wonderful place and i know they will feel the spirit testify to them there XD.

Honestly, being a missionary has changed me alot. Now, Whenever i hear about someone being baptized or someone starting to take the discussions i get SUPER excited. I have grown to love this gospel and truely appreciate how it has blessed me in my life, and it has made my desire to share this wonderful blessing with others soooo much XD. So tell Carbo hi for me when he comes over next. Man i am super jelly of you guys. I wish i could of been there to see Jackson be ordained a deacon. He is growing up soooo fast.

So a funny thing happened to me this week.  I was walking into the gas station with my companion and i saw something bright red appear on the TV screen in the restaurant next to the gas station.  When i took a closer look i realised that it said in bright white letters with a red background, "EMAIL STEVE".  Im sure there was more to that ad, but i couldn't stop laughing because my first thought was, "Hey! I need to go email Steve Stebbins!" hahahahahahaha.  However, other than those 2 stories not much has happened this week.  We are still trying to get better acquainted with the new areas we recieved (Dubios, Monteview, and Hamer) and trying to find some people to teach in those areas, so it's been a hard but fun week XD.

Well im going to end this chapter of my AWESOMELY SPECTACULARIFICAL mission here XD.

Keep being awesome and having fun XD.

With Love,
Elder Arrowchis XD

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