Monday, July 23, 2012

Chapter 29

That's so cool that David made it back into WestPoint!!!!! I am super excited for him XD.  But dang, that's such a quick turn around for him.  But i guess that's david for you hahahaha.  It even happened like that for his mission hahaha.  Man that's super cool that Andrew is going into the MTC on Wed.  You should definately give me his mailing address for the MTC so i can write him a letter XD.

Whow! Braden's 15!?!?!?!?!  One more year and he can get his license..... I think ill stay off the road when i get back hahahahaha ;).  So you should definately tell david to hit him 15 times for me XD.  Also, tell david that i most definately use more than just eggs and cheese :P.  The last omelette i made was a bacon/sausage/cheese omelette and it was really really really really good.  And the sausage wasn't even the kind that is packaged in a box premade almost, it was legit frozen meat that is frozen in a giant clump and you have to dethaw it so :P hahaha. XD.

So this week was pretty freakin sweet!  So first off my companion had to go to a leadership training down in poci, since he is a district leader, so i got put with another elder in rexburg, who is in my zone, whose companion was also a district leader and i got to work in his area for a day.  So in other words, Elder Arrowchis got to work in a city for the first time on his mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, A city in terms of Idaho hahahaha. XD  Also, while on the exchange something super cool happened.......I GOT TO TEACH A CHINESE PERSON WHO DIDN"T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!!!! hahahaha it was such a cool experience.  So at the teaching appointment we had to have a translator that would translate what we said to him and vice versa.  What else was cool was that he was really receptive to what we taught him and he already had a baptismal date for the next day, and he ended up getting baptized! I wish i could of gone to the baptism because i heard they did the whole thing in chinese, but i was still super happy for him that he was entering into the path towards our heavenly father XD.

The other thing that happened is me and this other elder in my district, Elder Jensen, just bought this game called Cookie Fu and we each bought our own deck so we are super excited to play against each other because it looks really awesome hahahaha XD.

But other than that not much else happened this week to report on since it was a slow week for us in our area.  So i am going to end this chapter of my life here.  Peace out till next week and love hearing about what's going on with you guys back home XD.

With love,
Elder Arrowchis

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