Monday, August 13, 2012

Chapter 32

Man that's so cool that Elder Bills got to stay in the area XD.  But wait, so for transfers there they have to go to a meeting and find out who is getting transfered?  That sucks hahaha.  For us they just send us the transfer info via voicemail on our phone the saturday before transfer day.  The mission president will make a really long transfer info message about 12-13 voicemails long and send it to the APs who send it to the Zone Leaders who send it to the members of their zones.  So we get to find out the transfer info from the comforts of our apartments XD.  So i am pretty much hoping that i don't get transfered.  I have really grown to love my area i am serving in and i really love the people i am teaching so i kinda don't want to get transfered hahaha.

This week was pretty much freakin awesome!!!! XD.  First off, one of our investigators we have been teaching for awhile now finally came to church this last sunday!!!!!!!! Me and my companion were each waiting at an entrance to the chapel looking for them to show up, since they told us they would, and when we finally saw them we got really excited and sat with them in sacrament.  Some other good news is one of our investigators accepted an invitation to be baptized!!!!! He is pretty much a stud and really wants to change his life around.  He is super accepting with our lessons and is growing so much XD.  And the last thing that happened this week is i got to go to my first rodeo!!!!!!!! XD. 

So pretty much this entire last week was the Mudlake Fair and on top of that it is haying season so everyone was either at the fair grounds or haying so pretty much no one was home.  So us being the smart missionaries we are decided to go proselyting at the fair. XD hahahaha.  However, a fair up here isn't anything like the OC fair because there aren't any rides or anything, it was mostly cow/horse/pig/other animal events and people would show off them off and get judged. There was also an arts and crafts competition. We got to talk to alot of people and handed out quite a bit of cards so it was pretty successful for us XD. But on the last day of the fair there was a rodeo and we got invited by someone who said they would pay for our ticket, so we went in and watched and it was actually pretty cool to watch.  There was steer wrestling, roping events, the bucking horse event, and a few others.  We only got to see like 45 min of it since we had a teaching appointment when it started, so we just showed up late and then left 45 min later so we could be home on time.  But it was definately really fun to watch XD.

Other than that though nothing really happened this week.  Today for our zone activity we are going to go hike R mountain so that should be fun XD.

Well i'm going to end this chapter here so peace out till next week! XD
With love,
Elder Arrowchis

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