Monday, August 27, 2012

Chapter 34

I guess the lord does send me to these places that are in the middle of nowhere because he knows i will find someway to make it fun hahahaha XD.  So speaking of middle of nowhere areas, my new area ririe is already turning out to me an amazing area and is tieing for one of my favorite areas.  The members here are all really nice and my companion is supah kewl.  His name is Elder Boyack and he is Korean, from Sonora California, and he is supah legit.  He is really funny, likes to have fun (a yellow XD) and is really focused on getting work done so he is going to be another great companion for me it looks like XD.

We actually just had a baptism here this last saturday for someone they had previously been teaching, and i got to teach them once so i helped a little XD, and it was such a wonderful experience.  The person getting baptized was this mom's daughter and when she came out of the water she told her mom that she feels really happy all the sudden.  Man it was such a wonderful experience to witness.  Baptisms really make me smile when i watch them because i know they are starting on their path to return to their heavenly father and are drawing even closer to their savior XD.  This area is going to be a wonderful area and i can't wait for the upcoming weeks XD.

So i definately can't believe that i am going to be 20 in 6 days. It's freakin blowin my mind!!!!! hahahaha.  I already planned on how im going to celebrate my birthday. You ready for this because this plan took me forEVER to think up? You ready to hear it? Well my plan is this: Wake up and yell I'm 20 and then......go on with my day doing normal missionary work hahahahaha. Genius i know XD.  Well, it's almost zone activity time and we are playing ultimate frisbee today so i am excited, so i shall end this chapter here. 

With extreme love,
Elder Arrowchis

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