Monday, August 20, 2012

Chapter 33

I have some sad news to announce..... I am getting transferred :(.  I really have grown this area and the people in it so it is going to be sad leaving it.  However, i actually am not going that far away.  The place i am getting transferred to is a place called Ririe and what's funny is it overlaps with my current district because a set of the spanish elders in my current district actually cover the spanish work in Ririe.  So i will probably be seeing them quite a bit hahahaha. And i will definitely get you my address next p-day so you can send me those things XD.  But ya, i can't believe that i have almost been out 8 months already either!!! The mission is freakin flying by so fast.  I swear me and Elder Wilkins had just become companions, so when i found out i was leaving i was surprised to realize it's been 3 months that we had been together.  He has by far been one of my favorite companions and i am definitely going to miss him :(.  But i am also excited to be starting a new adventures on my mission so im not toooo sad hahaha XD.  What's weird though is we will still see each other at zone conferences and p-day for emailing hahaha.  But we definitely made sure to take some AWESOME pictures which i will send to you after this email XD.  Speaking of pictures, david looked awesome/funny in the picture in his room.  Definitely was able to pull off the aviators.

Something cool that happened to us this week is got to volunteer at rexburg rush on saturday, which is this huge triathalon they do every year.  Me and Elder Wilkins got to stand at a street corner and stop traffic for the bikers that were coming.  It was pretty fun and we also got free t-shirts out of it XD.  So the next thing that happened this week is another one of the families we are teaching went to church this week!!!!! So last week we shared with them a mormon message (on, which by the way if you have never looked at you should definitely check them out because they are freakin AMAZING!!!!) and something in that mormon message touched their hearts and from then on they have had a greater desire to learn more and are progressing sooooo much now.  I am super sad to be leaving that family and the other we have been teaching because it has been such a great experience to see them all grow closer to our savior and progress in the gospel.  This gospel rocks! XD hahaha. 

So the last thing that happened this week is me and my companion decided to get companionship ties to remember each other, but we decided to be legit and have one of our investigators named Kia make them XD.  She is a really really good drawer and we decided to each buy a blank white tie and have here draw tribal kingdom hearts designs on the ties with a sharpie.  Unfortunately she is still finishing them up and i won't get it till tomorrow so you will have to wait till next p-day to see it but it is looking really awesome XD.

Well, that's all that really happened this week so i will end this email here.  Peace out till next week! XD

With love,
Elder Arrowchis

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