Monday, October 15, 2012

Chapter 41

No way!!! Brother Wilson got released as young men's president?  I thought he was just going to stay in it forever hahahaha.  Man he was definately an awesome young men's president and he will be missed as one.  That's pretty insane that you guys have had to fill up more water trays the last 2 weeks [for sacrament].  I can't even imagine anymore what that's like to have so many people in one sacrament meeting hahahaha.

So this week was pretty legit.  We found yet another person to teach this week XD.  He is an 8 year old boy who's parents want him to get baptized when he turns 9, they themselves are less-active, and so they want him to go through the missionary discussions to help prepare him for baptism XD.  It was cool meeting them and to begin teaching him. XD.  Since the time i first got here to Ririe till now the work has picked up soooo much.  It's been awesome being able to see the Lord help us daily in our work here XD.  We also were able to meet with this lady who is less-active and we had such an amazing lesson with her.  We talked all about the atonement and how it is able to help us in our lives to where we can be forgiven of our sins.  The spirit was so strong in that lesson and in the end she agreed to meeting with the bishop and starting on her path back to being active once again XD.  It's seriously amazing what the spirit is able to do through us 20 year old boys who are trying their best to be representitives of Jesus Christ XD.

To answer your question for p-day we usually hang out at this member's house, in ucon, as a zone because they have an indoor volleyball court and a racquet ball court that they let us use. They also have a huge grass field next to their house that we can use for games like ultimate frizbee and what not XD.

Well, that's all that i have to report on for this week.  Peace out till next week. XD
With love,
Elder ---->chis

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