Monday, October 1, 2012

Chapter 39

Woot it's October!!!!!!! And just like you i love October XD. Halloween is such an awesome holiday, especially as a missionary XD. We get to watch a movie for halloween and we are all hoping that it's going to be avengers hahaha XD. And wow seriously? It's going to be over 100 there today? I wish we could have warm weather like that... :( it just keeps getting colder and colder here ;(. And i have not yet broken out the hot chocolate yet but i probably will be soon XD. So i definately remember doing the primary program but i don't remember doing a flying jump of the stand when i finished my speaking part hahahaha. However, i can definately see myself doing something like that hahahaha. I mean it's similar to something else i remember doing. I remember when i got sustained in sacrament as a deacon and went up to shake bishop Kubat's hand, when i was heading back to my seat i did the whole napolean dynamite "yes" pose and then went back to my seat hahahaha XD.

That's awesome that you have a goal for this upcoming conference. You definately get more out of conference when you set a goal for learning something XD. And yes we do get to watch conference, which i am super excited about XD. I can't believe that it has already been 6 months though since the last one. The time on the mission is seriously flying by soooooo fast it's insane. I mean it feels like me and Elder Boyack have only been companions for maybe a week but in reality it's already been a month and a half!!! Oh speaking of that, transfer calls came on saturday and we found out that we are staying together in Ririe for another transfer, which we are super excited about XD. I would have to say that Elder Boyack is the companion that i have gotten along the best with and we are having so much fun together in Ririe, we hope that we get to stay together for both thanksgiving and christmas XD and celebrate the holidays together and show Idaho how 2 california boy get stuff done XD hahahaha.

So to answer your question of have i been having delicious potatoes, i shall answer w/ an awesome story that happened this week XD.  In kyle's last email to me he asked me if i had converted any potatoes yet, and unfortunately i had to tell him no :(. But on saturday we got to participate in a potato harvest and we got to take home 2 boxes of potatoes XD. So the potatoes have been converted and are now sitting in our house waiting to be eaten XD. We have already cooked a few of them and made some delicious hash browns. There is nothing like a fresh idaho potato XD.

The work in Ririe is starting to pick up for us XD. This last week me and Elder Boyack taught quite alot of people and are continuing to find more people. It's awesome!!!!! XD hahaha. The members are starting get involved in the work and one of the wards have even been doing this awesome idea of a 40 day fast for missionary work. Every day of the week a different family in the ward is fasting for missionary opportunities for 40 days and so far it has been helping alot XD. 

Other than that though there isn't any more news to report on so i am going to end this email here. Peace out till next week XD.
Elder --->chis

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