Monday, October 15, 2012

Chapter 40

I definately was freaking out when i heard the announcement for the change in missionary age.  And i agree w/ them making it 18 for boys.  If that rule were around when i was graduating high school i think i would of definately took them up on that one and tried to go when i was 18.  Imagine though how many more missionaries we are going to have out now because of the change in age requirement?  I mean especially the number of Sister Missionaries.  And that is awesome that Melani and Jane both are thinking of turning in their missionary papers!  A mission is definately a wonderful experience and i wouldn't trade it for anything XD.  So while on the topic of conference i would have to say that Uchtdorf's talk was also my favorite, especially the one in priesthood session XD.

To answer your question, I cover a total of 8 wards in my area (we cover the entire stake here) and the way we do dinners is every 3 days we go to a different ward for our dinners.  So pretty much every ward feeds us 3 times in one month.  Our ward mission leaders usually call people a week before or ask people at church to see if they can feed us.

So this week was a really good week for us for both fun and missionary work XD.  I'll start off with the missionary work part XD.  We were able to find 2 new people to teach and are super excited to start teaching both of them.  One of them is a person the spanish missionaries contacted while tracting and she told them she wants to meet with the missionaries XD.  So they told us about her and we went and contacted her and setup an appointment to come back.  The other person is a husband of one of the members here.  He is not a member and has taken the missionary discussions before in the past.  We went and contacted him and he told us he would like to start taking them again, which made me and Elder Boyack super excited.  The Lord is blessing us so much in this area and I am definately glad that i am serving here XD.

On to the fun part of this week XD.  So the first thing that happened is we got to go to a straw maze XD.  One of the wards here was going to a local straw maze and the bishop invited us to come so we can interact with the youth.  So we went and it was definately fun to do because we did it at night so the entire maze was pretty dark.  We cheated though hahaha XD.  We just put our hand on the left wall and followed it the entire way through so we knew for sure that we would make it eventually hahaha XD. 

The other fun, yet spiritual, thing we did is we got to watch conference as a zone XD.  And in between sessions we went and got food and just hung out so it was pretty fun XD.  I even got to see my last companion, Elder Wilkins, because the Terreton district (which was my previous one) got moved from being in the Rexburg Zone to the Rigby Zone (which i am in now XD).  Apparently they are having a tremendous amount of success back in Terreton right now and have quite a few baptismal dates, which made me super happy to hear about XD.

Well, that's all i have to report on this week so i shall end this here.  Peace out!
Elder --->chis

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