Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chapter 43

Woot! can't wait for tomorrow now to get that package with my goodies and ballot XD.  So speaking of Fall Weather for Halloween, it totally snowed on us last week 2 days in a row hahaha XD.  I have some awesome pictures of me doing awesome stuff involving the snow XD.  I will send those to you after i finish this email XD.  That's good to hear that david is doing fine in the Hurricane.  When i first heard about that hurricane and that it would hit New York my first thought was David.  But then i rethought about it and realized he would be fine because i mean it's David we are talking about, the kid who survived a snow storm in New York by buying the thinnest sweatshirt he could find.  I think he can survive a hurricane hahaha XD

You are very right, i am very excited about the work that is going on in Ririe! XD.  This week we have also found 3 more people to teach! XD.  I seriously love Ririe XD.  The work is going great, the members are super super awesome, and everyone is just awesome XD.  hahahaha.  Another cool thing that has happened is our sunday's have gotten even busier now hahaha XD.  We have appointments pretty much every hour from 2-8! It's awesome! hahahaha.  I seriously love serving with Elder Boyack.  I really get along with him and plus, we are both California Elders so we are bound to be the most legit companion known to man, especially since it's combining both the North and the South side of Cali hahahaha XD.  OH, and lastly another cool thing we did this week is we went and carved pumpkins with one of the families we are working with up here XD.  My pumpkin looks like a boss! hahaha.  Ill send you the pictures of it XD.

Well....... I pretty much have massive ADD right now and can't concentrate on emailing so if i missed anything i will add it in my email next week.  Peace out! XD

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