Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chapter 46

NO WAY!!!! Alex is going to the Ukraine?!?!?  That's pretty insane dude.  Tell him i said congrats on getting his mission call and to remember that all of our calls are inspired by the lord and that he will definately learn pretty quickly after getting there that he was meant to be in that mission.  I definately have learned myself that the Pocatello Idaho mission is where i am supposed to be and i wouldn't want to be in any other mission XD.  That's also pretty insane that parker will be getting his mission call probably in this upcoming week!  Hmmmm.  My guess is going to be the Pocatello Idaho Mission.  XD.

So as of right now yes transfers are going to be the day after christmas, but there are rumors that they will be moving transfers a week earlier so the missionaries going home at that time can be home for christmas.  But that's just a rumor so don't quote me on that XD.  And man do i hope i get to spend Christmas in Ririe.  I love it in Ririe sooooo much and i want to stay there atleast 2 more transfers XD.  The work is going great for us right now, in fact we have 3 baptisms that are going to be happening in a few weeks which we are excited about XD.  We also were able to find yet another person this week to start teaching, and it was in swan valley! She is now our first person we are teaching there! woot! XD.  And even more great news is that we just started working with this less-active family this week who want to come back to church and want the lessons for their son!  The lord is seriously blessing us in Ririe and it's been soooooo legit to see this area pretty much go from having 1 person to having over 10 different families we are teaching! XD.  (If you couldn't tell by all the exclamation points i am very excited just talking about the awesomeness of this area XD!!!)  hahahaha.

Oh, and i need to tell you about my new companion.  HE IS SUPAH LEGITTT!!!!!  His name is Elder Quintanilla (Pronounced Kinta-Knee-Yuh).  He is from Peru and get this, he likes anime (woot!), music (All the same types of music i like) (woot!!), likes soccer (woot!!!), and likes video games (WOOT!!!!)!!!!! hahahaha.  So as you might have already guessed, we pretty much hit it off the first day and are getting along really well hahaha XD.  He is also a great teacher and i am super excited to be his companion XD.

Well, that's pretty much All i have to report on this week.  Keep me updated on the mission papers that are being submitted and the calls that are being received! XD.  Peace out till next week! XD

You missionary son,
Elder ---->chis

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