Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chapter 42

Before i tell you about how awesome this week was, and man was it awesome, i have some information to let you know about XD.  Next week our p-day isn't going to be on monday, it's going to be on wed because every year for halloween we have to be locked in a stake center from 6-9, so they know where all the missionaries are in case someone random dressed up as a missionary goes out and does something stupid, so they jsut decided to combine our p-day w/ that day so on halloween we now get an all day p-day XD woot!!!!!!! XD XD.  So ya, don't be sad when you don't receive an email from me on monday because it will be coming on wed XD.

So onto this week!!!! This week was pretty phenomenal for us in Ririe XD.  First thing i have to tell you is one of our investigators came to church finally this week!!!! woot!!!!! And the best part is they loved church and said they can't wait to come next week too XD!!!!  Also, on sunday we had such an amazing day in the sense of missionary work! XD.  So lately we have been trying really hard to get to the point where our days are filled with teaching people and it happened on sunday XD.  We had 4 appointments that night, all back to back, and each filled up the hour.  So we had a teaching appointment at 4, a dinner appointment at 5, another teaching appointment at 6, and then lastly yet another teaching appointment at 7!  We had such a spiritual day on sunday and all of our appointments went really well, one of them even accepted our invitation to be baptized XD XD XD.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! hahaha XD.  We also were able to pick up yet another new person to teach this week!!!  It's seriously been a joy in my life being able to see the work in this area start from pretty much nothing when i first got to this area to see it now starting to boom for us XD.  We are now teaching about 9 people here in Ririe and they are all such wonderful people that have an interest in strengthening their relationship w/ their heavenly father and christ XD

I am loving serving in Ririe soooooo much XD.  I honestly can't wait till next week when i get to tell you again of the new successes and the experiences i will have had by then XD.  The Lord is definately in our every day work and it's freakin awesome seeing it first  hand how much the Lord helps us missionaries in his work XD

Well, peace out till next week XD.

With Love,
Elder ---->chis

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