Monday, September 2, 2013

Chapter 85 - August 26, 2013


So that's awesome that david got his firstie ring.  I won't lie though, my first thought when i saw those pictures of him was daaaang, he looks way more in shape than i do hahaha.  I gotta fix that ;). 

So Sarah Redman got baptized?  That's legit! 

We got transfer calls this week and i found out that i am going to be staying and that i am going to be getting a new companion, Elder Gonzales.  I have heard alot about him, one of the elders back in my district when i was in Ririe knew him before the mission and wouldn't stop telling us all about Elder Gonzales hahaha.  So he seems pretty cool and i am excited to become his companion.  And i am still a District leader so i guess it looks like i will probably die as a district leader here in Poci.  Things are going great right now in our area, we hope to be getting three baptismal dates this week!

Well, hope you have a great week and peace out till next week :).

With love,
Elder ---chis--->

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