Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chapter 94 - October 22, 2013

We don't have any snow yet.  It has been a lot colder though lately (thank goodness hahaha).  I really couldn't stand the hot weather this summer (high 90s).  it honestly was even too hot for me in the high 70s hahaha.  Hot weather and missionary clothes don't go well together, especially when your clothes are all wool haha.  So to answer your questions, yes i have a car in this area :).  We drive a Toyota Corolla.  Not as cool as the Ford Fusions that are also in the mission but hey they are better than the Imprezas.  Hated driving the Impreza in Ririe because none of them came with aux ports hahaha.  They did handle very well in the snow though.  Yes, we are living with members.  The story with them is kinda cool.  Apparently before the missionaries moved in with them they were less-active and when the missionaries moved in with them they started coming back to church and are now active :).  So ya, you can tell Matt that great space between houses on the map of Rigby looks even more appealing in person hahaha :).  I seriously love it soooo much being back here in the country.  What's even funnier is it just so happens that i live literately like 5 miles down the road from the Jose's hahaha.  Not gonna lie, it's super hard to not go and visit them all the time hahaha.

Sooo yaaa, i wooould send you pictures today but i kinda don't have my camera :\.  I scratched the lens on my awhile back (not sure how i did it, just turned it on one day and all the sudden there was a scratch :\) and so this lady in our area told us she would take my companion's camera and mine in to get them looked at (his is broken too) cause she does photography for a living.  Soooo you probably won't get pictures till next week.

Things are going pretty well right now in our area.  We were able to find another person to start teaching this week and he even accepted the invitation to be baptized :).  And then yesterday we were able to teach this one lady for the first time and she also accept a baptismal invitation.  Unfortunately it doesn't count for us cause she actually lives in ammon (was up visiting her boyfriend) but oh well, those missionaries will be happy to find out that they are getting a free investigator hahaha.  Other than that though not much else happened this week.  I was sick for most of the week so it was a little slow :\.

Well, peace out till next week.

Elder ---chis--->

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