Monday, January 23, 2012

Chapter 3

This experience at the mtc has been a blast.  We had some really good devotionals, Russel M. Nelson even came and spoke to us which was cool.  At the last fireside, which was last night, we did this super cool remix to called to serve as the closing song.  It was sooooooo freakin AMAZING and the spirit there was so strong from it.

Oh, i just learned something really funny this week.  I found out about someone i know being at the Pocatello Mission right now and is a trainer.  Can you guess who it is?  Well, if you guessed Will Smith i am extremely sad to tell you that you are wrong, even though that would be super cool.  It's my roomate, Michael Meehan, from BYU hahahahahhahahaha.  I was ran into one of his friends that he hung out with alot and asked him where Michael went and he told me Pocatello.  So that would be cool if he was my trainer out in the field because then i wouldn't have to spend the first few days getting to know my knew companion and how he acts.

K, so this week we had our In-Field Orientation and they had some RM's come in and teach us some lessons on stuff that will help us in the field, like using our planner effectively and setting goals before you plan, and plan off those goals.  Well guess who one of the RM's was?  It was Ben from Vocal Point!!!!!!!! And if you don't remember who that is, he is the one who's dad died and he went to go to his funeral in australia and was their bass. When i saw him come into the room i turned to my companion and i was like, "OMG I KNOW WHO THAT IS!!!!" He gave us alot of really good tips and shared alot of cool experiences. 

I can't believe that i am leaving tomorrow, it seriously feels like i just got here like 3 days ago.  Man time flies when you are having fun.  Oh, and i will try to send pictures later today if i can, i left the cord back in my room.  If i don't get around to it today, i will fo sho send it next week.  OH and i still need to send that health insurance form for the shot. hahaha whoops.  k well, unfortunately this stupid timer is about to run out so i have to stop my EPIC story here for now. :*(.  IM SOOOO EXCITED TO BE GOING INTO THE FIELD!!!! oh and we are flying there, so i might call tomorrow if i get the chance while at the airport.  it will be probably be around 9:30-10:30AM since we leave the MTC at 8 and our flight leaves at 11:20.  Well, it is now time to end this chapter so peace be unto thee till next time.

With Love,
Elder Arrowchis, the jSmooth. 

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