Monday, January 16, 2012

Chapter 2

Gosh this place is changing me, but honestly i really like the change.  I still love anime and will most likely continue to play video games when i get back, which by the way like I said I have had no problem with not playing them and won't have a problem with not playing them for 2 years.  I love it here.  Except the food, it does some nasty things to your digestive system.  We all think they spike the food with something beacuse everyone here has to use the bathroom, number 2, 2-3 times a day.  Oh, and you will be happy to hear that i am following everyone's advice and being obedient and making sure that I am having fun. 

Teaching the Gospel is soooooo much fun.  We are doing alot of teaching here at the mtc and teaching "Investigators" atleast twice a day.  We practice teaching at least 2 times a day with "investigators".  Once with random new "investigators" and the other with an "investigator" (our teacher) who we are treating like a real investigator.  For example, he goes to a room and we then go knock on the room and pretend we are knocking on the door to his house, he is role playing as someone, and treat him like he is someone who wants to learn the gospel.  We do this every day (switching between both teachers) and then next time we meet with him we continue where we left off from the last time. 

K time to talk about my companero.  His name is Elder Standage, he is from Gilbert Arizona, he likes cars, programming, and physics.  He is super awesome and we get along very well.  Also, going to BYU for a year has MAJORLY benefited me.  Unlike all the people who this is there first time away from home, i am easily able to handle being off by myself.  OH, before i go i have one more story.  K, so there is a fireside every sunday, and after that there are gospel movies being played in different rooms, and I noticed that there was the Joseph Smith Movie being played, but then i noticed there was a Japanese showing of it and I instantly was like OMG I WANT TO GO SEE THAT! IT"S LIKE ANIME BUT WITH JOSEPH SMITH INSTEAD!!! And everyone in my district looked at me wierd and no one would go with me, so I was forced to go watch it in English with them ;(. Well, I am almost out of time so i have to go.  Stupid Timers :(.  Bye.

Elder Arrowchis, The Smarter One

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