Monday, January 30, 2012

Chapter 4

Yes, Elder Arrowchis is now in the field and he is in a place called Salmon, which is pretty much almost as far north as you can go in my mission. I live on the edge of Salmon, towards the side that the city of Limhi is on, which by the way the wards i am serving in are Limhi and Leadore, which all consist of farmland. It takes us about 45 min to an hour to drive to Leador, so there is alot of country here which is totally new to me but totally awesome. I love looking at the mountains and how beautiful they look. I love it here and the people. Everyone in the church is extremely nice and very active in the church, and those who aren't part of the church or are less active are also nice.

I live in an apartment and we don't live with members. I am very warm because they have had an abnormal winter this winter where there has been very little snow and has been alot warmer than what it normally is in the winter, which i am very pleased about XD.My companion's name is Elder Heralson and he is super cool.  He is a convert, loves to hiphop dance (which i am very happy about), loves the work, and knows his stuff.  So in other words he is pretty much the perfect trainer, especially since he likes to dance XD hahaha.  He is from Sacramento California so he gets just as cold as me, which means that i don't have to worry about the house being super cold XD.  So ya going back to it being a bizzare winter here, the Lord knew that me and Elder Heralson, us being cali missionaries, would not like it being like it normally is in the winter so he warmed it up for us XD.

So now it's story time.  K so my first day here, to welcome me to the mission, the other missionaries took me and my companion to visit one of their investigators, who apparently really wanted to meet the new missionaries coming, and he works at a hunting shop/taxadermy (i think that's spelled right), which is where they skin the animals that people bring in that the shot.  So ya, my first day here i got to watch someone skin a mountain lion and it was super awesome to watch.  K next story.  So Apparently it's calfing season and one of the services that missionaries perform is to help birth the calves, so in the next few weeks you might hear from me telling you about how i helped birth calves, which will be an AWESOME story to the Great Adventures of Elder Arrowchis.  This area is going to be a great area, i can already feel it XD.  K so last story.  We went over to our ward mission leader's home, for the limhi ward, last night for dinner, oh by the way the food up here is super good XD, and i was talking to his son, who is a senior in highschool, about what he likes to do for fun and guess what one of the things he likes to do is? Play videogames, but not just any videogame. LEAGUE OF LEGENDS!!! hahahaha i was so excited to hear that he played it and to find someone like me up here XD.

[Answers to questions] Our mailing address is the mission office, just send it there with my name on it and they will forward it on down to where ever i am serving at the time, that way we don't have to keep updating our addresses. Yes, they obviously have internet here or you wouldn't be reading this email from me :P XD. Yes we have food here, we go to a market place called Saveway to get our groceries. Yes we have a microwave. I know how to iron a white shirt, mostly, but we don't have an ironing board so i have not ironed yet. K, to answer the last question, YES I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!!!!! The people here are all nice and it's a cool new experience to be living in a more rural area.

Well, i will end this awesome chapter of my life here and will continue it next week.  I will send pictures in a separate email so look for those too.  Peace out till next week. XD

With Love,
Elder Arrowchis, The Colder One (at least i think)

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