Monday, February 27, 2012

Chapter 8

This week was also an AMAZING WEEK!!!!!! Yes, I have noticed that everyone talks about the weather way more than we do because like you said, in SoCal all we every wonder is how warm will it be and how long will it be cloudy for in the morning hahaha.  And hey the weather is starting to have more variety here, it snows about every 3 days and melts in the same day it snows hahaha.

So 2 sunday's ago me and Elder Harelson went up to Leador for church, our other ward we cover, and i was a little taken by suprise to find out that we weren't doing sacrament first but we were going to Priesthood session first. Then when priesthood session was over i was thinking, "k time for sacrament!" Nope! Next ended up being sunday school, and then 3rd hour was sacrament.  So they pretty much took the normal church schedule and flipped it around.  But apparently they do that because it's calving season right now and alot of people can't make it to church at 11 so they wait to have sacrament last to give them time. 

K next reason why this week was awesome!!!!!!  We found a new investigator, his name is Jerry, and he is pretty much a golden investigator!!!!! He came to our Special Stake Meeting yesterday, which i will talk about next, and then came to the baptism afterwards and he was very impressed with our church and the baptism and also expressed a desire to come to church next week so we are excited for him XD.  Ya by the way being a missionary is super fun XD XD XD! K, on to our Special Stake Meeting.  So this last sunday we had what was called a Special Stake Meeting, where one of the Quorum of the 70 (Jay E. Jenson) came and talked to us about the importance of family time, such as having family home evening.  Some other things he said were that 1) Be weary of the contrary winds in our lives 2) Meal time discussions will have a greater impact on righteous actions in your kids lives than weekly family home evening 3) Use Hymns to do more than just start/end a meeting, like use them to introduce your talk and what not, because Nothing invites the spirit faster than a Hymn. And Lastly, my favorite thing he said was, "When you feel joy in  your heart, make sure to notify your face!" When he said that i couldn't stop laughing inside for like 5 min because it made me think of the times where people, mainly my friends, would say something like "Man that's so ______" and i would respond with, " Your face is _____".  hahahaha yaaaaa, Goooood times XD. Anyways back to the story.  So that was a very good meeting and we got 5 of our investigators there so it was a great experience for them also to hear one of the 70's speak.

Well i am almost out of time to write at the moment, we need to go shop and do our p-day stuff, but i will come back after that and send pictures and be FULLY AWESOME!!!!!!!! XD.  Well peace out for now and i will end this chapter of my life here. Love you and continue to update me on all the awesome! stuff that is happening back home (which as you know is everything in my opinion hahahaha XD).

With love,
Elder Arrowchis

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