Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chapter 7

Just to annoy you and put you in suspense for the latter part of my email, THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME!!! anyways, That's so freakin cool that V got his Eagle certificate, let him know that i am VERY VERY proud of him for pushing through and getting it XD.  Also give a shout out to the young men that i miss them all and hope they are all having a wonderful life, which of course is full of preparing to go on a mission ;) hahaha. That's so sad that Elder DeYoung is leaving, him and Elder Davis both had a huge impact on the lives of many people there and i was lucky enough to witness it first hand XD.  Yes people talk about how easy of a winter we are getting here all the time, like every visit we do haha, but hey it snowed like an inch or less the other day :O but it melted after a day or 2 mostly hahaha.  K well i am short on time this week for emailing so i will go right into story time.
So you may be asking yourself, why was this week so AWESOME for Jordan? well let me tell you! First off we had Zone Conference, where many zones come together for a conference, this week which was AWESOME!!!! We went up to rexburg for 2 days and the first night we spend the night at our Zone leaders house, Elder Martin (who get's things done) and Elder Roberts, and the Challis missionaries did too, Elder Anderson and Elder Tamayo, and we split into 2 groups and went tracting for the night because earlier that day we had just had a zone council about the importance of finding.  So we split into 2 groups and decided to have a competition on who could find the most Potential Investigators (PI's) in about an hour and a half, and whoever lost had to buy the other team frosties at Wendy's.  So we split off and took off tracting and guess who won?  Of course, My group! (which consisted of me, my companion Elder Harelson, and Elder Roberts) But guess how many PI's we found? We found 10 freakin PI's in and hour and 20 min and set a new record hahahaha!  They found 3 so in all we found 13 PI's in one night, which is really really really good! it's just tobad that they were in our zone leaders' area and not ours haha.  But things are going great in our area.  We are currently teaching quite a few people and they are all really nice people and things are going pretty good with them.  We also have been doing alot of service this last week, from raking leaves to moving firewood to making a fence to moving someone to a new house, so we are getting to know people that way and they are welcoming us in, which is good XD.  Honestly, being a missionary is a BLAST! 
K i have been thinking for the last like 10 min what other story i was going to tell you and i finally remember hahaha! K, so i was in Subway the other day, one of the investigators we went and did service for (the one we went and helped build a fence for, which by the way his name is Jim and his wife's name is Angela) decided they wanted to feed us subway for helping them out, and while we were in there they played my favorite song! If you guessed Mary had a Little Lamb you are dead wrong, because it was PARTY ROCK ANTHEM!!! hahahaha that instantly turned that day into one of Jordan's Best Day's Ever! hahahaha!! Well i have to go now, we went bowling today as a district so i am short on emailing time, so i will write more next week and include pictures next week.  Peace out and can't wait to see what else is happening in the little town of Aliso Viejo, well big i guess compared to here, next week XD.
With love,
Elder Arrowchis, your Youngest!

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